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Does anyone here have any experiece with these models? From the pictures i have seen they are miles ahead

from the Ertl 1:18 cars i have seen so far. This goes for both detail and shape of the body. I have been searching a

nice 68-70 Charger or 70-71 Cuda in 1:18,i have give up on the Cuda. The other day i stumbled upon some models

from a manufacture called Autoworld,and they have many nice muscle cars,also some older classics. I`m no expert

but from what i can see as in detail,they look pretty much bang for the bucks,also very nice and realistic bodyshapes.

The one i`m considering getting is nr 2 in the link below.


No thick hood hinges.


Has anyone here bought one of these models?

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I sold them a while ago, but I had original (1980s) issues of the Hemi Cuda in Moulin Rouge, and the AAR Cuda in Sub Lime.

I couldn't really fault them on overall shape, but a bit of superdetailing would have gone a long way.

I'll buy them again. They are still cheap and plentiful.

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The 1/18 line autoworld has is from the old Ertl molds. Ertl did a great job on all the Authentics that they produced so if you can find the color you like in the Ertl you could save you some money.

The regular Ertl cars being produced by Autoworld are the same as Ertl for the most part except added paint detailing.

Go with Highway 61 for the 70-71 Cuda. Here is a link to my Fotki page of Plymouth. http://public.fotki.com/aztom/toys--models/die-cast-118-cars--/118-chrysler-corp-1/118-plymouth-diecast/page5.html

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