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First Diorama attempt

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My first attempt at a diorama.

I felt compelled to make my childhood hero Roger Clark the subject. The man that inspired me to start rallying myself.

I just need the Driver and Co-driver figures to complete this, but as they are non existent in 1:18 scale then I will sculpt these myself.

Thanks for viewing.




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Have you checked out the 1/20 th Tamiya Motorsports team set ? The scale is close ( they might be a tad small ) but you get a driver figure with helmet and enough other figs to create the navigator. A few more mud spatters on the glass and who would know ! Your ground work is excellent, do I sense a model rail or military modelling background ? In any case keep it up.

Cheers Eh!

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Thanks for your comments guys.

Gordon, thanks, I've ordered the Tamiya team set. It may at least be a base to start from.

No background in scale modelling, although I once built an Airfix Spitfire when I was about ten years old.

Next project will be a Monte Carlo Rally Mini Cooper diorama. Need to start experimenting with snow and ice.

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Excellent work! Since you are talking 1/18 scale, American Diorama just recently released a 2-figure pack of Policemen in a sitting position. There were also a few other figures made by the same company in a sitting position, but they are not looking straight ahead. Check it out, and see if they might suit your needs. They will require significant modding, but I think they would be a great starting point.



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