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Revell VW cabriolet


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Nice build, I like the colour choices you've made. How did you find building the kit? i have built the Tamiya 66 version and since VW's are my favourite cars i may have to get this kit. Does it have a detailed engine? And i like the fact it's built right hand drive, but i live in the UK where we drive on the right side of the road, lol!!!

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Thank you all for the positive comments

to answer stichdup's questions... the kit was a pleasure to build - no flash, parts fit well, positive location points, excellent chrome and a comprehensive decal sheet. The engine is quite detailed - don't know how I missed not taking a photo of it. I wouldn't hesitate to recomend this kit to anyone interested in building a bug - I would say the quality is right up there with Tamiya.

As to why I built it right hand drive? Over here RH drive is unusual so I did it for a change in pace

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Again, as I noted before, a very nice build. But, I've gotten suckered into looking at this one again because you posted it as VW cabriolet. And I keep thinking, "I don't remember seeing a model of a VW cabriolet?" To me a VW cabriolet is a different car. A VW Cabriolet is what Volkswagen called the Golf Mk I/Rabbit convertible in the US after the other Golf body styles moved on to the Mk II version. What you have built is a VW Beetle cabriolet/convertible. Not just a VW "cabriolet."


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