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Well, after......WAY to many years, I'm calling it done. :D My first big rig build from start to finish !!! This was a HUGE learning curve, and thanks to all who persevered along with me. I do hope to get some out door shots as well.

I have learned that when the instructions say to glue the lower radiator hose to the engine BEFORE gluing said engine in place, it means BEFORE. I also came to the conclusion that all the chrome pieces needed stripped, cleaned up/and or filled, then Alcladed. I also learned that I should have replaced my dried out putty BEFORE getting back into this build, but what the hey, it was a first time truck as well as a slump buster. I also see that I need to work on all the fiddly bits that have to line up, like the steps, steps, more steps, and the mirrors. I honestly do not know why my hood hinges raised the level of the hood up. So, even with all its imperfections, I am pleased with the outcome...and VERY pleased just to finish it. :D

Here are the late night , impromptu photo booth, FINISHED pics !!






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Man, I really like this truck....I've gotta build one of these.....This was my favorite truck model when I was a kid.....I have one on the shelf that's begging to be built.....Great job, Man.....Love it as a day cab.....And the tanks look GREAT!!!! You, definitely, picked a tough kit as a slump buster, though....I'd get after one of those snap KW's to ease the pain a bit for my next build, if I were you..... :)

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You did it - and you did it very well! I remember this kit (the GMC General, which is the same) caused me neverending troubles and had several issues when I built mine almost 30 years ago.

Quite a challenge to pick this one as your first truck, but you have succeeded - well done!

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