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1964 pontic GTO blueberry


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hi boys

Here is a model that I started before the 55 Chevy , but ended after

body painting is a mixture of TS 51 and TS- 39 Tamiya bomb spray applied with an airbrush.

the body chrome was painted with alclad chrome

the engine was painted with alclad color and blue pontiac testor enamel.

the interior was painted with tamiya acrylic color and chrome with tamiya x-11 enamel paint marker.

for the ride height, I wanted a rake in back as a 70's style








in details:




I hope that will you like it

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thanks men

bisc63 for the engine.

I paint enamel pontiac bue in first, then I paint the grear box in white aluminium alclad .

I paint the blower in polished aluminum alclad then I applied a very slight black wathering,

the carburetor was painted in alclad white aluminium, and the valve covers and the carburator cone(sorry I don't no the real english term for this piece) was painted in white aluminium alclad.

and here :D

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That's a good looking Pontiac. Great looking paint job and neat color choice. Something a bit rarely seen, but it works well. I like the stance and the engine detailing, too. Also the paint colors on the engine look very good as the parts look like they're real metal instead of just plastic. Very nice work.

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