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1950 Ford brush trucks (now it is a twofer)

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Trying to get something done while I have some vacation, so I'm starting a relatively simple project.

Using Revell's 1950 Ford F-1 to build a brush truck (and no it's not green). I'll be modifying it into a heavy 3/4 ton F-3 with a long bed, and adding a Marmon-Harrington 4x4 conversion.

Using this version of the kit, and one of the current issues to donate parts as needed.


First step was cutting the bed floor free. Revell cast this as part of the fenders / running board. After taking the photo I cut away the second kits floor for use as a donor.


Using parts from both kits I extended the bed from the F-1's 6 1/2 foot to an F-3's 8 foot (8" at the front, 10" at the rear). The wheel base will have to be extended 8" as well, from 114" to 122".

The putty shows where the cuts were made.


Technically this is incorrect, as Ford also widened their longbed by a few inches.

If one wanted to make a 100% accurate 8 foot express bed, the bed needs to be widened 6", the sides raised 1", the fenders narrowed, wheel wells added inside the bed, the floor rebuilt (Ford used the same number of boards, just a little wider) and of course a new tailgate made.

As the idea is to finish something for a change I'm just going to call this a custom longbed...

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Yeah, the 8-foot "Express" bed and the 6.5' pickup bed were two totally different animals, the Express looked more like the '38-47 style beds. In fact, there were even two different F1 beds- the Revell kit is the second version, which was introduced in mid 1950. The earlier style bed was the same width, but had the upraised side panels and a small reinforcement just above the fenders.


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Well since I had this donor kit out I couldn't leave well enough alone... Adding a second old Ford which will be done as an F-5, it will be green.

This series of Ford truck was known as the Bonus Built Fords, so this is kind of going with that theme (a bonus build :P ).

I bobbed the running boards on the second kit (in grey primer) and used a piece of strip plastic to give it a clean edge. I'll be using the left over to extend the running boards on the red truck (something I didn't think about before painting, but they will be black anyway so not a big deal).


The F-1 through F-6 shared fenders with the only difference being larger wheel openings to fit larger tires. Only the F-7 and F-8 used wider fenders so this remains a fairly easy conversion. I removed about 2mm along the edge of the opening to accommodate the larger 20" wheels and changed the shape of the opening a little based on a photo of an F-5.


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Ok so it has been a while since I've been able to get at this one.

Not happy with how the bed was coming along, there is just too much difference between the 6.5foot 1/2 ton bed and the 8 foot 3/4 ton bed. I'll try that one again, when I can plan it out from the start.

Several western fire apparatus builders offered tool bins on their vehicles, like on this 1946 Dodge Van Pelt.


I decided to go that route instead. I trimmed off the bed sides and built a couple of bins from sheet and strip styrene. I also extended the running boards to match the longer bed.



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