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'68 Dodge Dart Cannonball 2014 Entry re-post


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Hi again folks, here's a repost of the '68 Dart I made for the 2014 Cannonball run CBP. It's packing the 426 Cross Ram Hemi, two tone paint, (Chrysler Inferno Red and Gloss Black), and 3D printed rims modeled by myself in Blender 3D and printed via Shapeways.

It also marks my very first attempt at Bare Metal Foiling, it's was done with a dull blade (forgot to pick up new lol) so it's probably not the best but I'm happy with it. Got loads more of respect for you guys that do all these chromed classics. I knew it wasn't easy but now I have a far better understanding of just how delicate this process is.







Thanks for looking, more pics up shortly!

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Thanks Matthew!

Man gotta love 68 darts, infancy I just got a 1:1 that I'm making two models of, anyways, excellent builds!
And a question, Are you participating in the 2015 one?
Great builds!

Thanks Don, that's got to be a fun car to drive. Yes I will be in the '15 run, my plans right now are to take a Color Me Gone '64 Dodge 330 and convert it into a rusty crusty wagon with either SRT8 or SRT10 power. I'm still hunting for a kit so I haven't started yet.

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