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1/12 Scale: Custom "Day Cruiser" Boat: 12/30/14 on the bench

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John this is the frist time that I looked throught this section, Right off the bat I run across your project, I think its great, I've always liked boats with v8's in them, Your one of my Fav model builders, I checked out your bike and its just amazing. Keep up the good work, and I'll be checking it out now and then. I miss you guys down there Mike flynn

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John... you are an artist my friend. I love what you have been doing with this build and the Berkley pump is off the charts. You sure have put your minions to work. I have Day Cruiser on the brain.

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Hello........thank you all so very much for the kind comments.........I really do appreciate them :) ...........I started detailing the interior........I need to add the steering wheel and a few more details..........thanks for looking.





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Being your friend and seeing your work so often, I always think I tend to get a little jaded and harder to impress because I expect to see great work from you. But I am really impressed with this jet drive. I'm blown away...


Art said it!! I couldn't say it any better. DITTOS,John!!!! B)

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Hello.........thank you all so very much for the kind comments.........I really do appreciate them :) .......the interior is finished........I painted the steering wheel with a wood grain effect........and painted the steering column Alclad........I also painted the Berkeley jet drive and pump and made some steering arms.......I used "Pro Tech" nuts and bolt ends and rubber fuel line for the cables.........I will work on the engine next........thanks for looking.








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