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AMT 'Super Boss' Barracuda Funny Car! Update! #16: 3/23/15


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Here's the front end pieces almost finished. After taking this photo I noticed some places (little black spots) on the axle where the paint didn't cover, I'm now in the process of re-painting the axle. Unbelieveable, i would have never seen that were it not for the photo.The axle and tie rod are painted Tamiya Silver Leaf over gloss black, the crummy looking spot is where it was attached for painting, (Ouch!) I didn't go with the Alclad 'cause I don't know how much I'm gonna have to handle this stuff getting everything in place. The brake discs are Stainless Steel Metalizer over Fine White Tamiya primer. (The axle is now re-painted).

My next objective is to get the front springs mounted to the chassis/frame correctly so that everything else will line up properly.


Thanks for looking in!

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Yep, I'm going to be that guy.......:lol:


Any updates on this build? I'm bidding on a built one at the moment and I've read through this entire post. Very impressed and learned quite a few things that I'll be doing if/when I get this one. 

Ben, it's been right at a year since my last post on this, good timing. The snag is the front end/suspension, I don't wanna use what's in the kit and a year ago I didn't feel comfortable (have the skills) scratch building one. Scott from Speed City Resin, shows a step by step build of a nice tube front axle on his website that will work for this car, I'm gonna try that at some point, hopefully sooner that later. Thanks for digging this one up! Let me know if you score the one you're bidding on, I'd like to see it.


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It's funny that I was just thinking about this project a day or two ago and wondering if you've made any progress with it. Hopefully we can see some new pics soon, this is turning out excellent so far.

Tthanks Niko, that means a lot. I'll be back on this one at some point I'm sure, and , I'll be glad I waited.

No deadlines Gene in model building, go at your own pace. I have multi-year old builds in progress.

Thanks a bunch JC, I think in the end I'll be glad i waited on this, when I start it again I'll be ready for what needs to be done. Hope all your builds are going well.


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