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Pro Street Nash Metropolitan Sedan Delivery

Kustom Steve

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Back in 1991 my modeling friends were ragging on me to build something out of my head and not follow magazine articles. So at Toledo Toy Show I purchased a Modelhaus Nash Metro Sedan Delivery phantom body. I also picked up the then cool Revell Pro Street Beretta. My friends also much maligned that kit for the excesses and too much chrome. They were Hot Rodders and Muscle car fans and worked so they had big toy cars while I toiled in college and was broke. I started on this project in mid July, there was a lot of family things to take care of with the failing health and passing of my Grandfather. Once life calmed down to a dull roar I started in earnest. I cut open the hood and attempted to thin things out. I used the Beretta's scope and tossed the rest of the body aside. The chassis and roll cage was the biggest engineer hurdle for me. I was able to trim off excess floor material in the back to flow with the body and cut off what wasn't needed up front. This still left me with a wheelbase way too long. I forget how much I took out but the floor pan was deigned that it was impossible to make a clean cut and save the tranny tunnel, louvers and such. I filed it off flat and laminated thin sheet polystyrene with 5 minute epoxy to rebuild the detail. I used a strip of louvers from the Revell '53 Chevy Sedan Delivery on the tranny tunnel. Then the roll cage was too low and a lot of fiddly work ensued to make it work. I used after market pewter rims and wire on the engine. I strpped off most of the chrome and used various colors of Testors Metalizer on the blower and other once chrome parts. I also used some very old Pactra turquoise enamel and that almost blew the whole project. The color was about 25 years old then and wouldn't dry right and took about 2 weeks to cure to the touch. The body is painted Duplicolor white from a rattle can and Fiat pink lacquer I airbrushed onto the model. Another almost trajic moment in paint was when I finished laying down the pink a midge landed on the fresh paint and almost destroyed the roof and my timing. Another problem was my masking, I left the paint to dry too long and t started to chip around the edges. I touched it up and rubbed out the finish, I made the Parma Pierogi logo from an color xerox print that was scaled down from a business card, I clear coated the paper and then applied to the side. This is in the age before good color printers and before we could print our own decals. I had fun with this build.






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Yes, Al is correct. The blower and carb set up all came from the Pro Street Beretta kit with a lot of the chrome taken off and painted with Testor's Metalizer paints. The chassis was Titanium if memory serves me correct. The only aftermarket parts are the body, rims, ignition wires, license plate frames and hood latches. The engine is right out of the box. The radiator is modified to fit the body.

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