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Red line and blue line tires.

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AMT put blueline tires in a few of their kits in 1967. I know the Camaro had them. They had red stripes on one side and blue stripes on the other.

These were their common Firestone Supremes. These also came in whitewalls, and white/red.

The blue ones are pretty rare these days. I think I might be able to put together one full set of them.

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I worked for Good Year in the retail tire stores 1969 to 1973. Good Year had the Blue Streaks as a high performance tire. The "body" or "carcass" of the tire had a different cord angle used in the construction. While not a radial design it was very close and they used a very "soft" rubber compound for the tread. They looked like a radial when mounted in that the side walls would look like the tire pressure was low. I believe that other tire manufactures may have had blue stripe tires, but for show as much as anything else. As I recall the gold lines first appeared on the '65 Corvettes and were used on some of the '65 Chevelle Z-16s. In the mid '60s all different side wall colors were tried until white letter tires just seem to be what everyone wanted.

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Thanks Bill. Do you know when they started using these?

I 'think ' either 1964 or maybe 1965. prior to that they were either white walls or black walls.

1967 is the 1st year ,,1969 was the last year for redlines ( on Mopars )

I am pretty sure the only vehicle to get the gold lines were Corvettes ( dont hold me to that though as GM stuff is not my area )

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