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'62 Chrysler 300

S. Svendsen

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Here's an '80's flash-back! I originally built this pro-street Johan '62 Chrysler 300 back in '86. I recently pulled it out of my showcase to do some repair work and upgrade it. Gotta love the '80's. There was a lot of questionable automotive styling trends applied to this model. I wonder what today's hot rodding trends are that we will shake our heads at in the future. More pics and all the details are on my site at the link.





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I can't remember if this model was pictured in a magazine or not. It might have been featured in Scale Auto in one of their contest features.

I think you're right, because that bad boy does look familier!!!! Awesome stuff man!!!

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Diggin' it. I also seem to recall seeing this one back in the day. I was just hitting junior high when the Pro Street movement was peaking, so it had a major impact on me as a car crazy "yout".

I think pink, aqua, and peach served as the basic colors for the Pro Street movement. I agree, eventually there will be a better appreciation of some of the '80s trends, including well executed pro street cars. I agree regarding gassers: up until at least the mid-90s (when the billet revolt began), a gassser-style car was about as out of fashion as possible.

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I love it and wouldn't change a thing! It represents an era and should be preserved. My wife is making some scrap books for family and we've been reviewing a lot of family photos from that era... my wife with "Big Hair". We thought it all normal and stylish at that time, but it looks so old now!

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