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I bought this a while ago, but I've only just got around to building it.

I liked the look of the lace decals, even though the lace is a tad out-of-scale. Gold and purple always go well together, so I used purple candy over a silver base.

The horrible kit wheels were replaced with some from a Polar Lights funny car.

Now, I've heard it said that this kit has one of the worst Ford SOHC engines in 1/25, so I decided to pep it up a bit.

I added resin pulley wheels, intake, oil filter and gear linkage.

I also added a Mallory ignition module and rear disc brakes.

The engine had no magneto, so I made one that looks kinda like a Vertex.

A Detail Master 5-point harness and a fire extinguisher were added to the interior.

I had to lift the pickup bed a bit to stop the rear arches rubbing the tyres.

A note to anyone who plans to build this kit...The front axle is set too far back. The rear edges of the tyres would foul on the bodywork.

I know some guys re-position the leaf springs, but I'd already painted the chassis and installed the axle before I realized my error.

Luckily, I'd only fixed the front axle on with CA glue, so it came apart easily and I was able to fit it in a better position with epoxy.

The kit decals were dead tricky. They seemed to stick fast, on contact with the paint.

I managed to get them all on, but it was a sweaty hour.

'nuff blurb..

Here are the pics:








Comments appreciated

Hope you like it

Thanks for looking

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That's one of the nicest builds of that kit I've seen yet! I passed on this kit because I remembered how fiddly those old Revell kits can be. I may have to buy one and give it a go. Well done!

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Those older Revells can be quite a trick to build. That is a great job, and a really nice looking model. You show a few basic details, plus a lot of patience and great building and painting skills can really wake up a model.

I have the original Moving Violation version from the '70s minus a rear fender (Probably lost when the kit was first opened.)

I am thinking of grabbing this one just for the decals after seeing your build. Those front fenders look like they were a beast to fit the decals onto.

Again, great looking build of a tough old kit.

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Thanks guys

It was a bit fiddly at times and I wonder if I should've used the other front axle in the kit.

It had working steering and wasn't dropped like the chrome one I used. It would've given a more nosebleed stance.

The door hinges took some adjustment and wire pins, to get them working properly.

Yes Dave, the decals on the front fenders were quite difficult. Once they made contact with the paint, they didn't want to move.

I had to lift them off with a fine wet paintbrush and try again. And again.

It was a tense moment, but they lay down fairly well with a bit of Microsol.

Considering the copyright logo says 1961, It's a pretty good kit. I look at it every time I walk past it ^_^

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I've been wanting one of these strictly because I think the lace decals are cool

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