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Shelby Dodge "Omni" Charger

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This ones a pretty Basic kit of the 80's mpc Era pretty good detail for way back in the day though

I thought the decals would be a darker blue like the box art, they are actually a lighter blue, once laid over the white paint they look good I want to say i came across some real pics of 1:1 cars with the lighter blueish looking stripework......

overall the decals lay down well as long as you trim them as close as possible to the edge of the decal

the front bumper i did have to (remove) the rub strip so the decal on the front bumper would wrap around and lay flat

on to the progress so far......


this rear decklid decal was tricky i has to eye up and cut in 3 sections as it would not lay down correctly wrapped around the trunk lid/ spoiler



this pic not only shows the rear of the car but i stood up one of the stock Shelby wheels that i drilled out all the holes for more realism and a more real car rim look


I have several other of these kits and look forward to doing many variations of them lets get some of this other stuff in under glass first lol

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they are fun little kits...... the newer late 80's early 90's daytonas are cool to the 3 n 1 kits 2-3 engine options including small block 340 v8 front wheel drive setup and nice chrome "moroso" valve covers....

also have a less heard of harder to come by plymouth horizon tci

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