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94 Impala SS -State Trooper

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Created a Maryland State Police impala. Fictional Model based on one that would have been seized from a drug trafficker. Built mostly stock except a few dress up items on the motor. Scratch built the radar antennas on the front and rear deck. Scratch built the front dash rotater style light with the flash shield behind it. since this is a car that would have been used in the 90s it would not have any of the current LED style emergency lighting. Im still debating on adding a light bar or not.






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I remember seeing a tv show with police pursuits (like scariest police chases) and one of the departements had Impala SS as patrol cars in real life!!!

Your Impala is very cool!

I had seen one on that show as well, i believe it was somewhere in GA. Hard to find any reference pictures of one via google.

Very well done.

I really like the dash light.

This is not as fictional as you may think. Several departments used these as is. My old department had two in the traffic division.


Thanks Sarge. If you have any pictures of them I would love to see.

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