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70's Ford Econoline Van - "Phantom" (Vantom)

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How cooperative were those decals?

Let me put it to you this way... I didn't even risk them.

I IMMEDIATELY coated them with Liquid Decal Film and let them dry overnight. In the morning I took Deer Park mountain spring water, got it to boiling, let it cool down to lukewarm, then transferred to a clean Tupperware bowl. Next, I coated the area lightly with Micro Set and then soaked the decal in the warm water.

After all this foolishness, the decal STILL wouldn't let go of the paper easily. I had to moisten the decal and my fingers five/six times to generate enough slide to move the decal off the paper. But once I had it sliding it went on like a glove. Of course it took a bit of slight adjusting with warm wet fingers, but I got it to behave and go on like it was supposed to. Then I put on a slight topcoat of Micro Set to smooth it all out. I will finish it later with a coat of Future polish to seal it on.

Now, people will say that it was because of the LDF that it was so stubborn. If I hadn't used THAT it might have gone on easier.

And it MIGHT have fractured into a thousand baby decal pieces like every other AMT/Round 2 decal I've tried to work with.... had I not used LDF.

Believe me, I'd rather have an LDF-coated decal give me grief coming off of paper than ruin a beautiful billboard mural because the manufacturer made the sheets too thin to touch.

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Ok... here's where I got creative.

Wheels/tires came from a Jeep CJ-7 kit I had that I had to cannibalize because the cat got ahold of it, and ended up with five wheels to work with. I decided to make up a tire carrier on the secondary back door of the van and place a license plate inside like they sometimes do here in Virginia, and now the decal error is evident...



Ohh well... I might not use the other decal I have left over, and just keep it for some other model.

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