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JoHan 202: 1964 Chrysler Turbine Car EZ-Build Kit


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Hi all,

Feel free to delete this thread if it's been mentioned...I checked and didn't see anything directly.


Appealing to the wisdom of the more experienced here...if I could get the JoHan 202 EZ-Build Turbine car for $20...would that be a good deal? Anybody build this one before?

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I have one, Mine mis molded in white

I have seen them marked as molded in Bronze too.

It is the Promo in kit form

I also have several of the Full kit

If Moebius re-issues it I will get more as I do like that car.

Hopefully they correct the Race car decals from the

movie "The Lively Set"

$20.oo is Cheap for ANY Jo-Han kit too!!

(Even a Curbside Snapper!!)

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Thank-you! Being so late in jumping back into the hobby, most of the JoHan kits I've seen have been priced out of my league....this one might be a good one for me to grab while I can!!!

Appreciate it!

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But, What will the price be if/when Moebius re-issues it??

If $15.oo or so then Yes a Better deal.

If 20.oo-25.oo then..................................

Also, When is the earliest Moebius could have the kit released??

Like above, And what we learned about other Moebius & Galaxie kits,

Buy Now when available, not later when Gone and at Collector prices

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