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The "Wraith" Corvette

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Great build. As you mentioned, I've seen several people start this build but never finish it. I'd never seen the movie but your build convinced me I should check it out. I still like your model but man that was a bad movie lol.

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Thanks guys...Yeah, the movie is a bit "dated" but I think its great still. Probably cause its from an era where things were more original and not one of the many copies, remakes or sequels being churned out today.

I'm the same way. I'm not a vette guy and not much into the exotic sports cars so I don't typically build vettes. But I've always like the customs and drag cars built from vettes. That being said, I plan on either selling off or offering up for trade all my leftover vette bodies and parts from this build when i'm done..so if anyone is interested in the whole lot, let me know..

I finally got the interior painted and assembled.


Here is the first mock up of the body with interior and chassis/ suspension. It is turning out great and I am pleased with the stance. The rims are the BBS optional rims from the old 1/24 Mongram 78 Camaro kit. The tires are from my parts box.

The movie car had white lettering on them. If anyone knows where I can find a set of "BF Goodrich Radial TA" tire letter decals, I would very much appreciate it..


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Still working on the vette here and there. Painted the chassis, wet sanded the hood and primed it again to get the scratches out..Still have to do the body..Not looking forward to that part so I'll have to be in the right mood to tackle it. So I diverted my attention to the engine instead. As mentioned earlier, I'm using the engine from the 84 parts vette because it had an automatic trans. The engine was missing pieces already. namely the induction system. I had a TPI setup in my parts box and decided to use it as I've always liked the looks of that style induction. I also used the optional headers from the dragon vette kit which I modified with collectors made from evergreen tube. So I disassembled the engine to clean it up for reassembly and paint. Wired the ignition up and cut off the molded on intake tube from the upper plenum and replaced it with one of my resin cone air filters. I think the engine came out pretty good..




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I'm working on it Stephen.. I wet sanded the body and primed it again. I'm in the process now of applying the silver base coat and two toning it with red. The body has a orange/black/yellow stripe where the colors separate that I have to duplicate. Hopefully the stripe decals I made with my Testors decal maker kit will work..Just have to let things dry between applications and coats..Tempted to post a teaser pic, but I want to post the completed paint job. So hold tight..More to come.

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And while the clear coat on the body was drying, I went to work on the wheels. Another member here, Ron Lambert, was kind enough to donate a set of now discontinued BFG tire letters for this project. Thank You Ron! The letters came out beautifully as you can see. I painted the monogram BBS rim centers in red as per the movie car.

Also shown is the rear deck spoiler. I made this from the rear spoiler in the eckler vette kit by trimming off the ends.


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