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Burns Brothers Racing '41 Willys coupe.

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I've kicked off another build and this time I'm building the '41 Willys gasser of Burns Brothers Racing. Before my love of vans took over I use to mainly build pre '48 cars and gassers.

The basis for it is the Revell Stone, Woods and Cook Willys kit. I've put one of these together before and they're a great kit, this one will be basically stock with a few minor mods and some wiring to make it look the way it should.

I've had some decals made for it by another forum member and cant wait to try them out.

Today I cleaned up the mould lines and laid some primer on it, aiming to get some colour on it tomorrow. (Silver)


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Got some colour on this today, the colour is holts Duplicolour Star Silver Metallic.

I also put 2 coats of Duplicolour clear on it, once the decals go on I'll clear coat over them and the car with Tamiya clear.



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Got some decals on today, a mix between decals from the K.S Pittman/Stone Woods and Cooke Willys' and a few a mate made for me. (Burns Bros Racing, Scotty B and Poppit Burns Race Engines).

Scotty B is my 8 year old son and Poppit is my 6 year old son Josh's nick name.

Also got some Tamiya clear over the top of it all. Started painting the interior and got the chassis done in black also to keep it progressing along.



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I'm normally not a A/GS fan.

But man that looks killer . Great color contrast .

I'm gonna have to watch this one to light

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Finally finished this one up last week, been progressing on other kits and having treatment (chemo) which slows me down a lot. The interior, engine and underside pics are all prior to final touch ups, I'll try and get some better pics outside once the weather fines up a bit.








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Great looking Willy's!!!!  Looks beautiful … nice work!

Was this a real car at one time?  I don't recall this one.

My guess is that it is a self named car by the builder, Rob Burns. 

Whatever the case, it's a beautiful build that I would be proud to have on my shelves. Nice work Rob.

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G'day guys it was built just using my imagination and not based on a real car, I built it for my two sons Scott who's 8 (Scotty B driver markings) and Josh who is 6 and we call Poppit (Poppit Burns Race Engines). The kids like the way it turned out and love the fact their names are on it.

Thanks for the positive comments, I'll get some nicer pics outside. :)

I'm building another gasser now based on a real car with decals I got off ebay.

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