Here are some of our favorite How-To articles.

How To Win At GSL

10 Secrets for winning at GSL

by Jairus Watson
From the July 2007 issue of Model Cars Magazine

The GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship is indeed one of the most prestigious gatherings of automotive modelers on Earth. Builders from all over the world travel to or send their creations to...Read More »

Alclad Chrome How-To

Model Cars Magazine Video How-To: Spraying Alclad Chrome

Check out this YouTube Video on spraying Alclad II Chrome



Resistance Soldering

Resistance Soldering

I have been using Resistance Soldering for many years now, and in the next issue of Model Cars Magazine, I will be doing a feature on this.

For those of you who want a preview of the system that I recommend, check out: 250W, 120v Complete...Read More »

Windshield Tool

Windshield Tool, by Scott Colmer

This time we’re going to show you how to scratchbuild a tool that will come in very handy, and turn one of the more frustrating modeling moments into a “Hey! That was pretty easy!” moment instead. How many times have we all done the windshield installation...Read More »

Door Hinges

How To Make Working Hinges & Latches, by Jairus Watson

From the December 2009 issue of Model Cars Magazine


Although there are many ways to accomplish hinging and latching the examples shown here are what I have found to be the simplest options and present the greatest “in-scale” appearance possible. Hinges: The...Read More »

Perfect Paint

PERFECT PAINT, by Alex Kustov

How to Apply, Polish, and Wax Your Paint to Perfection

When I take the body from the box, I carefully...Read More »