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July 2020 Update

It’s been a long time since I have done any updates to the site. For that, I’m sorry. I did not really want to pour my sob story out to the world, but after talking to a lot of people, the consensus was to give you all a brief update about what is actually going on.

My wife and I are the full-time caregivers for her two parents, both 88 years old. He has really bad dementia, had cancer surgery a few years ago, and is real weak, requiring full-time care for all of his movements, from bed to toilet, to eating and drinking. So my days are basically either hands on with him, while watching the mom (diabetes, heart, and other issues), and being basically the hospice nurse for them both.

As for my health, I am supposed to have two more major back surgeries, but they are both on hold, for now. Not only because of the pandemic, but also a major insurance coverage issue. The two surgeries will be the most intense I have ever had in the eight previous attempts. One of the surgeries will be through the front, where he will go through the stomach, opening everything up, and he will have to break two ribs to get to the upper thoracic area he needs to get too. He will either remove the discs, put in new plastic ones, and then fuse the front of the spine. Then he will flip me over, cut me open, and take out the five levels of rods and screws in there now. He will then add new rods and screws, going all the way to the thoracic area, either T10 or T12, depending what he finds out when he goes in. After that, it’s cross your fingers. What this will do the current caregiver situation is anybody’s guess.

So that’s the update in a nutshell. There’s a lot more going on, but this is the basics of what’s going on, day-to-day. I have a new graphic designer on board, and he has been a blessing. I am working when I can, either from a modified bed/desk during the down times, or downstairs with them from time to time.

If you have ever taken care of a hospice parent, or have been involved with hospice care, then you know what this is like. Thank you for all of your support, and your patience, while we all get through these times.

I am not giving up, just trying to find ways to make this work. With a lot, if not, all the hobby shops closed or shut down during the pandemic, I could not get the magazine printed and mailed out, and be able to recoup the mounting costs involved in printing and mailing the magazines. Have I thought of doing only digital magazines? Yes, I have thought of it, but that would seriously be a last resort option. I have done the digital version of Slot Cars, and I’m still waiting to get the printed copies out to the subscribers. It’s a delicate and fine line, if I had tons of money, then I wouldn’t even worry about this, but I don’t. I have tried to do a GoFundMe page, and I may push this forward in the next week or two. My hit-and-run car accident case is still on going, more like it’s in a stale mate, they won’t settle the case without me getting the two surgeries, and I can’t get the two surgeries with the case still open. Oh well…

So that’s my life these past two and a half years. Thanks again for all of your support and patience.

Gregg Hutchings

July 28, 2012

Well, the new web site is up and it’s live.

Well, live, is that the right word for this? I feel like I’ve been killing myself working on this for the past week.

Not bad for a week’s worth of work though.

I think the main parts of it are there, and it works okay, so far. There will be some glitches of course, but I have a lot better handle on this system then I did the other one. Now, back to building models!