Tom Daniel’s “How To Draw & Design Cars: The Old School Way” Book

How To Draw & Design Cars

Tom Daniel sent his latest creation, a super cool book for us car guys that goes a step above all the other drawing and design books that I have seen. Tom goes into the basics of simple drawing techniques and tools, tips and tricks, to get you started on drawing cars. Honestly, for me, this has been the best design and drawing book for cars that I have seen! Yes, I have quite a few drawing books, and I have always wanted to be able to draw, maybe even someday like my best friend, Jairus Watson! Tom’s book is so in-depth, yet it’s written, and designed, for guys, and gals, just like me. Those who have always wanted to draw cars, or anything with wheels and a motor, yet lack the basic skill, knowledge, and techniques to even begin know where to start. Over the years, I have doodled in dozens of coloring books, and this is the perfect stepping stone for me.

Yes, I will be following along this book, page by page, and hopefully I’ll be able to post some of my creative attempts along the way. If you have always wanted to try and draw and design cars, then you must get this book! The book retails for $29.95, and can be found on the Tom Daniel web site: The direct link is: