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Seafire FR.47

02 May 2014 - 01:11 AM

Just a rather quick build of a new airfix kit. I've wanted to build one of these late-model seafires for quite some time now. This thing with its contra-rotating props and 20mm Hispano -cannons is ,in my opinion, what a real fighter should look like. B)











The underside is still missing couple of lenses and a piece of flap which I managed to misplace.


Afterall, the kit wasn't quite as good as I had expected. It hat a lot of well detailed parts, but the fuselage halves were badly warped and were a huge hassle to glue together properly, and the landing gear were a bit fiddly as well.


I went to highschool...

23 April 2014 - 03:28 AM

...And all i got was some lousy doodles. 


I've always done somewhat well in school, but as an extremely bad writer I've never been good at taking notes during classes, so I just usually draw instead. And now as I have just finished highschool (Or its finnish equivalent) I thought it would be nice to recap what I have achieved during these three years, so I thought that i'd share some of these doodles with you guys. I like draw all kinds of things, but mostly cars and motorbikes and other mechanical things. Most of these drawings are first sketched with pencil and then finished by using ballpoint pen or marker pen. Most are drawn on A5 size paper.


I know lots (if not all) of these have many errors in details or even in general shapes, mainly because I had no way of checking any details when i was drawing. These were merely made to pass time. And since many of these are several years old, I don't neccesarily even remember what I was trying to draw, so most of the time, I'm just guessing here. :unsure:


So here are some of my personal favourites, not in any particular order:



Rally car. Lancia Beta?



Honda Scrambler. With what appears to be a 2-stroke engine, for some reason.



The one of many Opel Omegas I've drawn. I own one of these cars, so I've drawn quite a lot of them.



A Quite funky looking Honda.



Wrecked sportscar. I really have no idea what it's supposed to be.



A Jaguar-ish sportscar?






A garage. With things.



Yet another rally car. A Peugeot?



A tiny Audi.

'69 Camaro street car

21 April 2014 - 07:08 AM

Hi guys!


I've been building model cars a few years now, and I just noticed that among my about 200 models there Isn't a single properly built first-gen. Camaro. I think that it is time to change that, so I bought a Revell '69 one. This kit, to be precise:





I would have preferred the stock Z/28 or the Yenko S/C, but since it was available more easily, I got the Baldwin motion one.


So, off to the bench with this one.




I usually have nothing against spoilers, sidepipes or racing stripes etc, but I think that the guys at the BM went a little bit over the top with them with this car. Imho the whole car looks a bit grotesque with all those bits bolted onto it, so I wont be using all of them. I just want to build a honest, no nonsense, 4-speed, big-block street car.


I started the build by prepping the body for paint and cutting open the trunk door:



I also started modifying the front fascia by removing the molded in hideaway lights (Is that what they are called?) and replacing them with open ones. I think it gives the car a pretty nice look:



I painted the engine orange as a one unit. I know this isn't the way they left the factory, but as I'm building a street racer, I give myself some liberties.



To be continued. Soon.





Alfa Romeo Alfetta

16 April 2014 - 01:09 AM

Hello everyone!


I'ts been awhile since I posted anything, so I thought that I'd show you my first try at modifying diecasts.


Alfa Romeo Alfetta / GTV has been one of my favourite cars for a long time, and since there are no plastic kits available, I had to go and buy a 1:24 scale Quattroruote die cast model. Here's what the Alfa looked like when I first got it:






While it was not exactly rubbish, there was a lot of room for improvement. The doors didn't fit very well, paint had scratches in it, and detailing was not very good. I personally didn't like the general look of the car. I think that Alfa Romeos should look aggressive and sporty, and this thing with it's silver paint, high suspension and general sluggishness didn't convey that idea, so I took the car to pieces and began dressing up this "Beta Romeo".


There were some mold lines and other problems with the body, so I thoroughly sanded it and then painted it using Maston -spray paints.



This is how the engine bay looked before:



The Alfa's 1800cc i4 engine pushed out around 120 hp, which was -in my opinion- quite well for such a small engine in mid-70s, but I gave it a new exhaust manifold along with some new air filters to make it appear a bit more sporty. I also removed some molded in details and replaced them with better ones.


The engine bay after:



To be continued.