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In Topic: What Irked You Today?

Today, 11:48 AM

I had an "entry level" job back in the 60's and if I got a quarter raise, it was a lot. I never "flipped" burgers or filet 'O fish though. And if its too hard to put the filet in the center of the bun, just leave it outside the bun, in this day and age NOBODY cares do they? But when they're not making enough money, they scream. If a person can't do their job right, they should get let go, as there are other people waitin' in line for that persons job.

In Topic: Wisconsin builders?

Today, 11:41 AM

I know what you mean Kerry, as I showed up everyday when I was supporting a family as well. Hung over or not. LOL!

In Topic: '59 Chrysler Imperial. AMT or JoHan?

Today, 11:40 AM

Yeah, they were cool kits back in the 50's and I wouldn't mind havin' a few more. I build them for myself anyway, so I don't really care 'bout the shallow interiors.

In Topic: Someone say this is coming out again ?

Today, 08:13 AM

Looks like a great combo and it would be great for a number of modelers if It were to be re-issued. Lately I myself have been more "selective" about buying more kits, as I'll never build all that I already have.

In Topic: New kits with flaws.

Today, 08:11 AM

For all you so-called engineers out there, getting your degree at Lionel University doesn't count. There are many crybabies out there with hundreds and maybe thousands of unbuilt kits in your "stash" and you guys just can't wait for the next new issue or re-issued kit to be out on the shelves. What's up with that? ANYBODY can buy or collect kits, but they were produced to be built, just like 1:1 cars are made to be driven.