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In Topic: It was brought to my attention

31 August 2014 - 08:37 AM

I just wanted to pipe in that i think it's cool everyone pooling together against a rip caster.


I had a much different experience, which is why i've been silent on those who are copying my stuff.


On a facebook group, someone had posted photos of my work and where he'd gotten it.. and someone posted "that's awesome!, i'm going to make resin copies of it!"... and the thread continued.. not a single person piping up and calling them out on it.. (i didn't say anything because i wanted to see where the thread would go)


Low and behold a few weeks later, that same person loudly proclaiming they were going to copy my part.. has a freshly cast copy of it.. and now they are selling them.


the thing that bums me out? Is that people heap on the compliments on the poorly cast copy being used, and few even mention the original that the copy was made from.


It makes me wonder why i would ever want to invest that kind of time and money again to make something else that is just going to be copied and thrown aside?


I don't really feel like being the R&D division for rip casters.


It played a big part in me abandoning R&D for anything new in 1:24th that was castable.. and switching to full kits in 1:64 at a price point that even a rip caster would lose money on.

In Topic: WIP: 1/16 '68 Mustang Pro Mod

29 August 2014 - 09:22 AM

yeah, annealing helps quite a lot.  Heat with a propane torch (it gets brass hotter faster then using butane).. i put the stuff on a brick to heat it, then when red hot roll it into a water dish.


i used that method on my headers, but used solid brass rod.

In Topic: It was brought to my attention

25 July 2014 - 08:20 AM

I understand the frustration.  I've seen re-pops of my stuff showing up too.  I was initially pretty mad, but just came to terms with it.  Resin casters come and go, most of the people who buy from people who sell re-pops are going to get ripped off sooner or later.  A lot of these businesses fold when it stops being fun.  If you take a risk at buying a knock-off from someone to save a few bucks, you have to accept the consequences when the stream of excuses as to why your order hasn't shipped for six months starts coming.


People that are in the business for the long haul work hard to build a reputation as a solid and trusted entity.  We give up our nights and weekends to make sure that orders are filled in a timely manner, and we don't sell what we don't have in stock.  I would be leery of anyone who sells cast parts to order.


Legal proceedings against a re-pop caster is a waste of time and money.


Just ride on your reputation of trust and quality and time will sort out the rest.


I wouldn't even post about the person re-popping your stuff.. it just drives traffic to them, and it's free advertising for them.

In Topic: Will GM's problems ever end?

13 June 2014 - 04:30 PM

I bet if one manufactures cell phones had 14 million recalls and they all had to be sent back to the factory to be reset.....that company would be out of business the next day........but consumers today are not a smart lot.
Dad has a 1012 FLEX....top of the line. Only issue??? A squirrel ate some of his under hood insulation!!!
It's all wheel drive with 22" wheels with twin turbo's.......The first time I drove it I was truly shocked......
It was the best vehicle I had ever driven.
A seven passenger plus luggage hot rod......wow!

Those Flex's are super nice. Thought about one for myself.

Your Subaru Crosstrek was built right here in my hometown, Lafayette, IN.

Well I gotta hand it to Indiana Craftsman, they build a great car.

In Topic: Will GM's problems ever end?

13 June 2014 - 04:02 PM

You miss my point, govt. involvement means troubles. Look at our wonderful usps, another govt debacle.


I don't really know why anyone would knock the USPS.


I can tell you from a LOT of experience that it is an incredible organization.


I have literally sent thousands of shipments via the USPS over the years, and i think MAYBE one of them was lost.  Maybe one, i question it to this day... and the shipping cost of my box is $3.25.


About a month ago, i had a package that needed to go out, and i happened to be at FedEX mailing some packages for the corporation i work for, and thought "hey, i'll just send it FedEX instead of driving to the Post Office".  The same box that cost me $3.25 to mail First Class USPS, cost me... ~$12!! and it shipped ground.. even SLOWER then the USPS would have taken.


I'll take the USPS any day of the week over FedEX,  unless i need it there tomorrow.