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In Topic: Plug Wires - What Brand / Diameter?

29 July 2013 - 10:20 AM

i use 32 gauge magnet wire from radio shack its the perfect size comes in several colors, readily available and dirt cheap for more wire than you will probably ever need

In Topic: Building a Pro Street/Pro Stock chassis

23 July 2013 - 10:02 AM

also keep in mind the seat...ive built a few nice pro mod chassis only to find out i didnt leave enough room for the seat...i wont start unless i have complete drive train in hand before i start.  It helps to have other parts such as steering components and things you want to go inside the car to do test fits as you go.

In Topic: what are some good rattle can paint brands ?

12 July 2013 - 05:50 PM

  I would say the Model Master line of Lacquer paints is decent ,  I dont use enamel so I wont comment on that,  I have heard very good things about Mr Hobby line of paints, and some say are better the Tamiya, I am in the process of trying to buy a few cans of Mr Hobby Primer to try out


NIce thing about Model Master Lacquer , is Hobby Lobby sells them, so if you have one near you, use a 40% off coupon


Duplicolor is good as well, a lot of folks use Duplicolor , I would say its about the same price, but you get two times as much

i second duplicolor it goes on easy and has a great range of colors that look good...better than your rustoleum or krylons

In Topic: Simulating the texture of cast parts.

12 July 2013 - 05:42 PM

if i can add my two cents i like to use spray glue like fix a tif found in the local craft store...it works well for laying down vinyl tops as well...just have to practice on a junk piece first to achieve the right look...i only use it cause i have it laying around for matting photos!

In Topic: MCG 53 corvette set question

12 July 2013 - 05:40 PM

the main issues i had to work around were the headlight grills...but i wanted them to dome like the real car and ran into a pickle doing so...i ended up reshaping the headlight bucket slightly to make them work.  Other than that i didnt have any serious fit issues that a little trimming or sanding could not fix.  It is a nice detail set for the car.  I wish i still had it so i could show photos...but its one i built several years ago...possibly up to ten years ago...but i remember it fitting pretty well. hope this helps