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In Topic: how old are you??

07 October 2008 - 05:06 PM

Hi, I'll be 51 in January. My Grandpa bought my first model when I was 6. Got back into models heavy again 20 years ago. Tell your parents your NEVER too old to build models. I always remind my wife when she complains about my hobby that I'm not hanging out in the bars or worse. I don't own a 25K bass boat(no offense if you do), not gone every deer and turkey season(again no offense to you hunters). Steve

In Topic: PHOTOS Mid-West NNL October 4th, 2008

11 September 2008 - 07:12 PM

Bob just sleeps in the back of the truck and has no concept of time. It is less than two hours. Fortunately, Bob sleeps through the trip. If he's awake and talking, the ride seems to take forever.

HEY Steve, Steve here from St.Louis. How have you been? Had to work and missed the slammers show,bummer. I won't miss it next year. Steve (truckmankits1958@yahoo.com)

In Topic: How do I become a kit retailer

01 September 2008 - 08:59 AM

Many of us fellow collectors sell our surplus or unwanted items at swapmeets or internet auctions and often build a small customer base.
I sell old car magazines and a few kits but often get asked for the latest releases of kits such as Revells 32 Sedan or Mercury.
I would like to know the best way to purchase some new kits at trade prices, what are the minimum orders, who to contact etc.
Many of these kits are real hard to find in the UK and I am sure I could fill a gap supplying kits on a small scale(no pun intended :P ) at these swapmeets and autojumbles etc.
Do I contact the manufaturer direct or an importer? How do I find an importer if the manufacturer will not deal direct?
I dont want to compete with the big stores for the popular high selling stuff, just a small time guy that wants to help out and make a sall profit.

******Hi, Well, things may have changed but a buddy of mine sold new kits at swap meets a few years back and his MIN. order revell required each OCT was $5000.00. All you need is a state tax # and $5K and you are in business. BTW: he gave it up. It got harder each year to meet the $5K min. order. Steve

In Topic: done with evil bay as of end of oct 08

22 August 2008 - 05:15 AM


HI, I know about that one, but I'm pretty sure you can only take paypal(owned by evilbay). Greg needs to look into changing this requirement. Steve

In Topic: done with evil bay as of end of oct 08

22 August 2008 - 05:13 AM

I'd love to see classifieds come back to the magazines :)

HI, YES, I wish greg would sell ads in Model Cars Mag. Steve