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present and accounted for
Dec 28 2009 12:23 PM


tanks fer the props on the little donky T, dude. caint wait to see yer dio. DeathRacers r gonna be my next obsession just like the T were. Hope I don't do some battle damage to CBs Auto Body--LOL Got me a big ass B&D heatgun what I plan on heatin up the Merc with and then ramming with my Chebby Tow twuck- LOL
Aug 19 2008 11:52 PM


tanks, dued.
dat damn Cranky
has got me goin
insane in de
memberane wit
his PKiller and
I be workin on my D-racers tryin to figure just how mucho firepower and armor plating. Ever once in awhile I gets the urge to do some work on the dio but I wanna make sure Grammps is gonna be my bodyman. Probly gonna use my deadcast Chebby towtwuck to do some battle damage to th
Aug 19 2008 11:45 PM


yo whats up there playa LOL
the donktastic t looks awsome no if only you applied them skills to your dio it would be done
hay i have mine all planned out now all i need to do is get the goodies well hurry up with it you may have a first time customer LOL
Aug 19 2008 06:24 PM

CBBernard Kron

gbk1, luv your '34 coupe. had to click it to see if'n I could find out anythig about it, coz that blue is so cool--then I sees it in gray and it looks just as cool thataway too! Crap'n Blaque
Apr 10 2008 06:22 PM


luv yer name dude. hey, nice 49r sled. sure don't look like 1/25 scale from the pix. maybe them sleds were mucho more massive then and tha's why it looks so big? checkem out my 49r in my gallery-all artwork...duh, I are a artist. tooked 1st place in the 'Painted Hog' show back in 05
Apr 08 2008 03:02 AM


DUDE! luv yer 32 Rat Ground Scrapper! Especially them stacks!! The bare metal at the chop line rox.
Crap'n B
Apr 07 2008 09:17 AM