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  1. Thanks Carl and Bob! I’ve gotten all the subassemblies done and now it’ll be time to put the whole thing together. The photo below shows the completed motor chassis and interior parts. I also made some grill graphics from pieces of the Revell 5-window kit decals. My next posting will be as a completed model. Thanks to all who followed along. Thanx for lookin’, B.
  2. Tasty! Bravo! And thanks for the discussion on the windshield frame!
  3. What a pleasure to see this done. I followed along from the start, captured by the skills and approaches you used to reach your goal. I was always surprised how closely your were able to copy many of the detail parts and proportions necessary to make such a(n) (in)credible replica. Throughout its journey this project was always an inspiration. The result is a beautiful model Bravo!
  4. Thanks to you both, Dave and Alan. I'm glad you're likin' it! As if I didn’t have enough radicalness happening with the ultra-low stance, deep chop and channel and candy lime paint, I felt the need to add some flames and graphics from the Revell ’32 Ford 5-window kit. They’ll get clear coated during final paint and polish. The motor is painted and mocked up for these photos. I thought the Revell 5-window Hemi carbs and air cleaners were a bit undersized so I swapped them out for the carbs and air cleaners from the Revell Stacey David Rat Roaster kit. The interior parts are modified with t
  5. Thank you, Larry! I thught I'd share some period photos from the 1954 Mille Miglia showing the A6GCS Barchetta in its native habitat. Luigi Musso during scrutineering for the 1954 Mille Miglia surrounded by only some the 14 A6GCS Maseratis entered. 5 AM, Viale Venezia, Brescia Italy, May 2nd 1954. Viale Venezia, Brescia Italy, 12 hours and 10 seconds later, and only 9 seconds short of second place...
  6. I was looking at the parts in the blue plastic original issue kit trying to figure out what made the Atlantis test shot look as good as it did. Monogram got the chassis details of the Californian pretty right, especially the side rails, hairpins and tie rod. The upper half of the motor is pretty good too. In uniform gray plastic and and photographed at an angle where the rudimentary front axle doesn't show so much, it all looks pretty darn good. The bodywork is "incorrect" compared to The Californian, with the weird vertically extended rear section and the roll over bar brace mounted outside t
  7. Thanks Ray! I got the paint started. The body and grill shell color is Tamiya TS-52 Candy Lime Green over a base of Tamiya TS-7 Racing White with masking using 1.5mm Jammy Dog tape to get the accent stripes. The chassis is TS-7 which will also be the main color of the interior. Lots of touching up to do before it gets its clear coats and polish. Meanwhile the motor and interior are next. Thanx for lookin’, B.
  8. Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. Thanks! These small-production, smaller engined Italian sports cars from the 50's and early 60's are sometimes referred to as "Etceterini", somewhat obscured by the big Ferrari V12s and Maserati V8s of the era. But that very obscurity gives them a lot of romance, particularly when they have curvaceous Italian bodywork like this one. There are plenty of A6GCS die casts out there, even if they tend to be quite pricey, but I'm a confirmed kit builder so when I saw this one on eBay I knew I had to get it. Surprisingly, there were actually 3 bidders for it.
  9. Thanks everyone! Stoked you all dig it! Thanx Dave! I always wanted to capture the Weezner vibe, but had to grow enough as a modeler to get "loose" enough to do it. I guess this is the one... No, it's the modern Revell Deuce 5-window coupe "Hemi" with aftermarket resin Chrysler Firepower re-pops, I believe from Drag City Casting. I'm still debating the valve cover treatment, depending on paint and decal choices... Thanks! Yeah, it gets door handles because, as you point out, it "sells" the suicide door detail - that's why I left the hinges in place, including on the cho
  10. Atlantis refers to the dragster that Monogram originally patterned this kit, "The Californian", owned by Manuel Gonzalez and built for him by a virtual who's who of SoCal race car and hot rod craftsmen in 1959. Allen "Lefty" Mudersbach, a legendary dragster driver and mechanic of the front-engine era, did the chassis, Bob Sorrell, known for his Indy car and dragster tin work, fashioned the aluminum body and Dean Jeffries did the sharp Pearl White and Candy Red paint. It was definitely state of the art at the time. From the test shot it's apparent that Monogram actually did a fine job of
  11. Your work continues to be inspirational and breathtaking in its focus and detail. Keep on keepin' on!
  12. A couple of months ago I sold a bunch of my models on eBay to make room on my overcrowded shelves. They were all early builds that no longer held my interest the way they once had. But on several of them there were details, such as motors and wheels and tires that I was reluctant to part with. In those cases, while cleaning up and repairing the models for sale, I substituted more common parts from my stash so I could re-use the salvaged bits in future builds. Among them was a set of wide-white Big ‘n’ Little hot rod tires from ThePartsBox.com mounted on some chrome steelies from a Monogram ’32
  13. Don't know how I missed this As so many have said, SHARP! is the word. Beautifully conceived and executed.
  14. Thanks Dave. I'm definitely a fan of the Orsi era Masers. I suppose the 450S is the ultimate in Glorious Monsters. I'm afraid that resin casting remains above my pay grade. But I have a suspicion that the seller is actually the creator of this "kit". You might ask him. He's jmswhidbey on eBay ( https://www.ebay.com/usr/jmswhidbey ).
  15. Maserati A6GCS/53 Barchetta – Mille Miglia 1954 In the immediate post WWII period, due to a major shortage of consumer products, automobiles became major symbols of mobility, social optimism and power. Owning a luxury or sports car was a top priority if one wished to show off one’s wealth, and small, specialist manufacturers quickly moved to fill the demand. Many of these makes would become legendary names known even today for their prestige and glamour. The 5 Maserati brothers, Alfieri, Bindo, Carlo, Ettore, and Ernesto, had been producing bespoke racing cars since the early1920’s.
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