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  1. Hey guys. I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who have built the 1:16 scale MPC release of the sc cobra. I was wondering if there is any PE parts available for that kit? And if not anybody have an idea on how to make the cobra emblem stand out more? thanks
  2. Got my dashboard done. I didn’t like the kit dash at all, somehow Revell figured out how to make the dash look 80’s?. so I used an old retro kit from model haus and stole the dash much better, just a little tuffer to fit.
  3. Yes they are the AMT round 2. The rears are bigger by just enough. The beauty rings are parts by parks flat 5/8 dia. The SS centers are MCG, 69 parts. My grille is from the 68 el Camano. Your paint will look good either way, but I have always been a fan of the black rockers.
  4. Looks really good. Love the 68’s. Did you decide on what wheels you’re using? I’ll send a picture of my wheels for my 68.
  5. I got pictures posted. I’m going to work on it more tonight. I saw a thread on vinyl tops and l’m trying it turning out ok. I used frog tape for the texture, I plan on painting it semi black. I stole the wheels from a AMT 69 chevelle kit. Using garage grill, and steering wheel. I don’t like the kit dash so I’m using model haus.
  6. Thanks but I don’t know how to do a screenshot? Maybe I should ask my daughter ?.
  7. Wheels look great. Nice on its entirety ?.
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