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  1. A lot can change in 4 years. But the hobby is doing great in this pandemic, so who knows what the future might bring.
  2. Atlantis better retool the '69 Charger body
  3. I've said it many times that these square bodies, deserve all new tooling also some of the design costs can be shared by doing some of the models in 1/35th scale too. The same can be said for the same era Dodge pickups and derivatives.
  4. A pity is that when R-M redesigned for the Impala SS, they didn't keep the Caprice option albeit updated to '94 or later specs. Tooling up the trunk lid as a separate part would facilitate the use of the same body for both. Input welcome....
  5. IMHO they should add tampo printed frit on the clear greenhouse parts, that would make it perfect for novice builders.
  6. Any news on this one, it being a craftsman plus kit.
  7. Odd, that there's no quarterly new release list, wonder who fed the pics to hobby search.
  8. Funny, they forgot to add that panel line
  9. Likely we will never know why, but at the same time the Kats at Amt under the umbrella of Ertl, were in the process of tooling up a full detail kit of the shortbox sport pick-up, but the project halted shortly after the body buck was crafted.
  10. If you're doing it with a vinyl top, you can hide the seams of the C-pillar with plastic strip.
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