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  1. A new model kit manufacturer? And they say the hobby is dying, Ha!
  2. Since these trailers are insulated, I guess the temp stay's more or less constant, as oppose to regular trailers which can heat up like a furnace when driving through the desert states, no?!
  3. From an old French movie...... Le petit Baigneur - En arrière toute - Bing video
  4. In the review of the tractor I noticed that that kit also has decals to use on a trailer, so no need to buy the Fruehauf, just go for the Great Dane, unless your a box-art collector.
  5. It's a pity things didn't work out as hoped, the timing was right, etc....
  6. Could be that the market penetration of Italeri is bigger in some countries than Revell.
  7. Two possibilities, both reboxed: - Ex Esci kit - Revell AG kit
  8. Indeed, the initial run from the Euro boxing had the irregularities in the plastic, the US boxing is just now showing up in North America.
  9. Talked with someone who knows a thing or two about injection molding, and he said; This is most likely caused by heater band temps on molding machine set too low,, plastic is "setting" before mold cycle is complete.. I'm sure stuff like that happens all the time when putting a new tool into production, but such a deviation should be caught by the production operator or QC, before the product goes to the packaging line.
  10. Wonder how well the '70 Monte Carlo's sold, cuz maybe the decision to go forward to restore, or mothball the tooling will depend on the track record of what is similar subject matter (personal coupe)
  11. With that comment I mean, you don't need a model kit to stay alive, for many it's an impulse buy and great box-art lowers the threshold.
  12. Maybe it's on that tub which blocked the Suez canal for a few weeks and has been released yesterday after agreeing to pay a substantial sum as compensation for hindering world trade.
  13. Box-art is very important to lure the casual builder into buying a product he/she doesn't really need. For us well informed guys, the content, pedigree and expected quality of the model kit is of much more importance.
  14. Still find it odd, that prints from the 3D files didn't show the mentioned deviations from the design of OEM. IIRC the same thing happened with the Ford Cabs....eerie
  15. Onwards to the Chevy Caprice to Impala SS retool, I wonder how many parts need to be retooled, changed and added, to have both a 96 Impala and Caprice in Revell' s productline. Any takers? 😉 For starters, I would make the yrunklid a separate part.......
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