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  1. Model built with the original Revell Parts Pack frame due for reissue by Gofer,,,,TIM
  2. Carl.....looks really, really intriguing, ….can we see any more pix of it? Cheers....TIM
  3. Very, very cool idea! Thanks for posting....TIM
  4. Heh Tom....you absolutely nailed that one! Great concept, delivered with quality and style. Way to go! TIM
  5. Dan....excellent use of kitbashing and a very convincing result, too. Big Congrats! TIM
  6. Mods....please remove this double post...still learning new forum software....sorry...TB
  7. Richard....you sure found some nice images of 'cudas there.... Some of the mods I did on my project involved lowering the top of the front fender lines and smoothing that operation into the remainder of the fendertops/hood. Also, my mods were based in part on comparing the Revell body to the original MPC bod which I still think is the best for overall proportions (thought it too has some issues in the execution of some of its' detail applications). Anyway, hope you can find the mag.... Probably better not add any further comments as this thread is about the new Moebius kits and I h
  8. Now that back issues are available on=line per Larry Greenberg's note below.... Hi friends of MCM, Great news! Digital downloads of MCM back issues are now available for sale online from Magzter. To see what's currently available, click the link below. https://www.magzter.com/magazines/listAllIssues/9636 ...wanted to pass along a heads-up that issue #201 (January, 2016) included a five page article that documents and illustrates 26 popular 1/1 scale automotive colors that were either popular as choices for current (at the time) 1/1 scale hot rod b
  9. And this writer shows how to easily fix this - which makes a huge improvement in how the completed model looks - in the new Kalmbach special issue. After all, we are modelers and we have these skills readily accessible....not that that is all that relevant to the thread here, but.... TB
  10. Bill....very sharp work and very creative fabrication techniques! The Crab-style distributor is available from Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland....a really good piece and highly recommended... Have been following your project and looking forward to your further progress as it occurs.... TIM
  11. Marco....very impressive. Always cool to see when someone actually finishes a Fujimi Enthusiast Model, and you did a great job with yours....congrats. TIM
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