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  1. Me too....your experience may vary (and apparently does for many...) TB
  2. That's been my experience as well, Pete. TB
  3. Alan....looks like a full-fledged street brawler to me. Really like your chassis/crossmember approach, too! Cheers....TIM
  4. Martin....what a superb, superb effort. Huge congratulations. Great pix, too! TIM
  5. Al...both very sharp, and thx for posting. I particularly like the stance and wheel/tore combo of the first one....best....TB
  6. Hi Craig...thx for the comments. Without going back and checking original build notes, in both cases I think those cross-rams were the optional engine parts from the AMT 1966 Mustang Hardtop annual kit reissues c.1970ish and beyond....TIM
  7. Some really tasty models and images above...you guys rock. Here's mine, built from a final round test shot provided to me by Revell in appreciation of me sending them the one-time only AMT 1932 Ford Tudor Sedan Street Rod series release from 1975, which they used as a reference point in working out the details of the interior pieces of their kit. The test shot was in final form except no instructions, decals, or plating of the chrome tree parts. Went together in a breeze as i recall.... I'm almost certain I've posed this before, so apologies in advance for the duplication, but here's a link to my on-line build thread of the kit for those who have not seen it before.... Revell-Monogram 1932 Ford Tudor Advanced Build album | Funman1712 | Fotki.com, photo and video sharing made easy. Best////TB
  8. Heh Bone...so cool to see you are still building...and this one in particular is really creative! Carry on! Cheers....TIM
  9. Very, very sharp and accurate Boss! Big congrats from this corner...TIM
  10. I was working on a resto/slight kitbash of an original '63 when I got the word that Round 2 was planning a new kit of the subject. Having spent hours fixing the numerous sink marks and crooked side moldings on the original '63, not to mention all the other iffy 1963-quality parts and fits, I can assure all who are reading this that the new '63 is light years better than the original annual kit in almost every way ..TB
  11. Thanks David for the compliment; in response to your question, I recall a couple of kitbashes of this kit being posted over at Spotlight Hobbies with lowered stances and big wheels and tires, and they looked killer! Best...TB
  12. My recollection is this one originally came in the AMT 1964 Corvette roadster kit, but I'm not in a position where I can confirm that right now. That version did not have the dual axles of the Firebird 500 kit, and tended to be a "tail sitter" (to quote our aviation modeler friends) as the axle was placed too far forward for proper tongue weight balance. Here is some photography of my gluebomb resto of the original kit trailer with some mild kitbashing added....TB
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