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  1. Mark....very cool project and looks like you have a good start, too. And Tom is da MAN when it comes to reference material on classic era tow booms! Good luck and do keep us updated on your progress.....TIM
  2. Bill....Colors by Boyd (Coddington) Pacific Blue...truly a period-perfect choice (and one that still looks cool today, too). TIM
  3. Steve, Mike, and Bill: Glad you guys enjoyed the pix, and thanks for saying so....Cheers....TIM PS Bill - I've also noticed that the Chryslers at Carlisle is always the same weekend as the GoodGuys Nats. Columbus is a day trip from where I live, vs. Carlisle a 2 1/2 -3 day trip, but one of these years I gotta do that....sounds as though it is bigger than the Mopar Nats these days...TIM
  4. Guys...I am posting this here as the people reading this thread will be more able to relate than the general audience in the other forum sections... ******************** Many of you may remember the name Bill Burnham and his famous "Old Blue" 1929 Ford Highboy Roadster. Way back to 1982, when I found out I was being job transferred to the Bay Area of California, I connected with fellow Street Rodder Columnist "In Bill's Eyes" columnist Bill Burnham. Bill immediately took me under his hot rodding arm, introducing me to his fellow "Danville Dukes" (Gary Meadors, Steve Moal, et al)
  5. David...wow, you built those in record time and did a really clean job. Excellent choice of colors, too. Congrats! TIM
  6. Thanks Tom....obviously we missed you this weekend but kinda felt like you were there in spirit. Glad you enjoyed the pix! TIM
  7. Latest example....Fred Farrand (who has posted some of his super-sharp work in this forum) just won a Top Ten Builders Award at the 2021 GoodGuys Columbus Nationals this weekend for his just-completed '36 Ford Y-Block 3-Window. For those of you who are not familiar with it, the GoodGuys Columbus is arguably one of the two most important outdoor hot rod events of the year....way to go Fred! TIM
  8. Just heard from Fred Farrand (yes, that Fred, who has posted his terrific work here on this board in the past) that his just-completed 1/1 '36 Ford won a Builder's Top Ten at GoodGuys. Sorry, no pix (he held it back for a Saturday reveal). Yet another modeler that does great in 1/1 scale, too. Way to go, Fred. TIM
  9. Let me just say this...my impression is that Street Gasser modelers are going to be ecstatic when this kit finally hits the market, not only for box stock kit builds, but as an invaluable source for other Street Gasser kitbash projects. I reserve the right to change my view along the way, but that's my impression right now based on my latest knowledge of the project. That's all I can say at this point....TIM
  10. The 2021 edition of the GoodGuys hot rod show, their biggest of the year, kicked off on Friday, July 9 with a drizzly and foggy morning. Though participation at the start of the day was clearly down vs. previous (mostly sunny Friday morning) years, activity picked up and the rain stopped (mostly) by the end of the morning. Parking in the Spectator lots was full by early PM, indicating that the weather was no longer chasing off fans of what is probably one of the two top outdoor shows of the year (the NSRA Street Rod Nationals being the other). One change this year from prior shows....a la
  11. A few days ago I asked for an update ... will let you know if I find out anything new....TIM
  12. Yep....that one. And totally agree with your comments on that engine....TIM
  13. In case it hasn't been mentioned already, there is a great full color cover shot and some very sharp B&W pictures/captions in a two-page feature on this MoonEyes rail dragster in the September, 1961 issue of Hot Rod magazine....TIM PS - in my view, the low bar for box art was the 1990's AMT-Ertl and later RC/Ertl box art....there were some terrific John Mueller & team new tool kits that included many cool features that never made it to the generic and uninformed box art...example being the mini-tubs and planked wood bed floor in the AMT-Ertl 1968 Elky kit....the lifeless box art
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