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  1. Very nice work Michelle. Do you ever sleep ? Lol. We have been seeing a lot of your great work lately.
  2. Got an email from Jack at Model Roundup , mine will be here on Friday. Now I have to find a tractor to go with it
  3. Dave, I’m using an iPad. It can get a little frustrating, but I guess it’s a necessary evil,lol. I can live with it. I don’t post much here but I have been a member for about six years. I visit the site a couple of times a day and have benefited so very much from listening to you guys.
  4. Is it just me ? They seem to be starting to dominate my screen again. ?
  5. Delivery updates keep getting better everyday. Lol. I’m now scheduled to receive Tim’s book on September 16th. Yaay- I can hardly wait !! I recently switched over to the drag car venue with my builds, so Tim’s book is just what the Dr ordered
  6. I just received a delivery update from Amazon stating my updated delivery time is now between September 27 and November 1. I ordered it on August 15. Can’t you speed up that printing press down in your basement, Tim. Lol. It looks like this is going to be another winner for you Tim. Thanks for all you do for our hobby. You are a very positive voice and I always look forward to your posts.
  7. Thanks. I built up the Stingray bike already. Been ambitious lately. It’s over in the “All the rest “section under Schwinn apple krate
  8. This was a fun but finicky kit to build. I bought my son one when he was about eight years old. We ended up giving it to a neighbor kid when my son out grew it. My son said “l wish I still had that bike today “ — I told him he could have this one. I actually built it for him anyway lol Ray
  9. Everything fit together well. As I said earlier it’s just a matter of deciphering the instructions. I found myself doing a lot of test fitting before hand. I had the model sitting on a half wall separating the kitchen from the living room where I always put them upon completion to kinda show them off, hoping for some compliments. lol. As it was sitting there the more I looked at it the more pleased I was. It really has a lot of detail which really makes it stand out. It’s now in its glass case in the basement and on to the next model which is MPCs 1/8 scale Stingray bicycle that I got in the m
  10. This is my first attempt at large scale. This was a very tough one for me to build. As hard as I tried I couldn’t get the steering assembly to work. I was able to get the front and rear springs to function though. I also gave up on getting the front seats to fold forward and I couldn’t figure out the cloth sunroof. The instructions are kinda vague in most steps also. I buggered up the drivers door assembly so I ordered a new one directly from Italeri That was a bit of a challenge in itself I ended up calling them (in Italy) and ordered a complete driver door assembly and all they charged me w
  11. Adam, i knew you would love Great Lakes Hobby. I’m very blessed to live just a few minutes from them. Before I retired I would go there window shopping and decided I would get back into the hobby after retirement. Seven years later and 80 + models I’m still going strong. I think I’m obsessed. lol. I even built a little shop in the basement strictly dedicated to model building. Most of my paints and supplies come from Great Lakes. Next time you’re in the area let me know maybe we can meet at the shop and have lunch. Heck you can even come over to my condo and see my colle
  12. I live 10 minutes from Great Lakes Hobby and begin to tell you ow much I love this place. They have been around longer than I can remember. They have one of the best selections of model kits I have ever seen in a hobby shop. Tom , the owner always keeps up with all of the new releases and if you’re looking for something he doesn’t have he will order it for you if at all possible. They also carry a very large selection of model paints including all of the popular Tamiya colors. If anyone is into military stuff they have an unbelievable selection available. I could go on forever lol — I would s
  13. Don’t know about automotive paint , I stay away from automotive paints on my models. The description does say its works on most paints though. I have personally used it on Tamiya ,Model Master, and Testors enamel which I use for airbrushing. It’s about $ 9.00 a can. Well worth it if you’re trying to save a model from the scrap heap in my opinion Ray
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