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  1. MTU is a German engine manufacturer and MTU stands for Motoren und Turbinen Union Friedrichhafen Gmbh started by Wilhelm Maybach and now owned by Rolls Royce Power Systems. Most of the engines they make are for marine, locomotive and stationary use, they do the engine for the German Leopard 2 tank.
  2. No one said it's a great kit because it isn't, but I wouldn't go so far to call it a lousy kit, of course it's not the ultimate 57 Chevy kit ever made and most of the kits made of the 57 Chevy over the years has their issues and flaws here and there...even the late ones...and none of them are perfect in every aspect. This kit is not up to todays standard but if you consider when it was originally developed...back in 1962-63...it's not that bad because there are a lots of kits there are worse from that time period, and the old AMT kit is for sure buildable and under my over 45 years in this h
  3. Some goes to relays and some just disappear into the wiring harness and going through connectors in the firewall with a lot of other wires. It's not that easy to explain as you need a bit of basic knowledge about electrical systems and components to know what I'm talking about, so here is a couple of wiring diagrams (the first is for a 66 GTO) where you can follow the colored wires. On the positive side of the coil one wire (yellow) goes to the starter solenoid and one (light pink) goes to the ignition switch inside the car, the negative side (black) goes to the condenser/breaker points
  4. If you are picky about the firewall it should look like this, so the kit is not entirely correct under the hood. But who cares, the AMT kit is not that bad to build anyway.
  5. Well I don't know how the plastic industy works nowadays and what Moebius had to their disposal when they did the test shot of this kit so I can't tell for sure. But as most model companies have done it up to now at least is to cut the tooling in metal and shoot plastic through it, and maybe modify afterwards if needed...but that could have changed.
  6. It's for the C shaped metal spring clip included in at least the early kits that's supposed to hold the hood and allow it to open...but I don't think anyone uses them.
  7. Ohh I see, I hope you didn't get offended by my comment because I didn't mean to.
  8. Yes, it's hard to do a pre production test shot without tooling to shoot molten plastic through. So of course it's allready been cut and they have to modify the tooling insert for the body to correct the flaws wich they can do if they want to. I think the 3D print of this kit had better body proportions and the wind shield opening looks a lot better.
  9. Nice diorama and models, I really like the old Trans Am series. I just noticed the stripes on the pictures of the real truck/trailer and cars are yellow, orange and red, and the stripes on your trailer model is yellow, green and red, and the stripes on the car models are yellow, orange and red as on the real cars...I hadn't thought of that before.
  10. Yes it looks like the img tags doesn't work with the new forum software. If you click on the "other media" button below when you type in a reply or when you start a new topic and choose "insert image from URL", copy and paste the url for the picture on your external photo host without img tags in the box you get and click insert into post it will show up, like I did here with Marks picture. But the easiest way is to drag the file you want to show directly from your computer to the box below and drop it there and the picture will be on the forum server, so you don't need an exter
  11. Kind of like Cadillac Ranch a few miles west of Amarillo Texas on Route 66.
  12. Interesting car, but I don't think I would buy it even if I had 6 Million Dollars left over...for that money you can't ever drive it...and what would the premium on the insurance be if any company dare to insure it
  13. I am the original poster. For the record, I have nothing against old topics, it's not that, I read them myself from time to time...but...I don't reply and with that dig them up to the surface if it's several months or even years since the last reply in the topic was written...and if I do, wich is very rare, it's to add important and useful information to the topic itself. The old topics are here to find for every one and it's for sure a treasure, but I prefer to leave them where they are as topics from down deep are "cold" for most people who has been members here for a long time...otherwi
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