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  1. For information, the later more recent issue Will-Do has the same light bars.
  2. Yes, most of the beverage transports are in regular dry goods vehicles, reefers are for fresh meat and other foods that needs to be chilled or frozen.
  3. Yes you have to keep in mind that Revell has gone under new ownership since these kits came out, it's Germany based nowadays and their focus is maybe on other things than the American race cars...sad but true.
  4. Well I didn't check in the A-car Dump Truck kit before I answered...but, the suspension looks to be a straight copy of the A-car Dump suspension and it's indeed a Rockwell suspension, but the axles are changed as they are not top loader axles like in the A-car and is ring and pinion axles instead...so it has been modernised slightly. Many truck manufacturers use this heavy duty suspension and have different names for it, Kenworth call it Six Rod for example.
  5. Well you asked where to get one and I think the suspension Auslowe has is 1/25th scale as I belive it's pretty much a straight copy of the AMT Autocar Dump Truck suspension, I don't know of any other truck kit who has this suspension and I don't believe they have done it themselves. I have it and it's pretty nice.
  6. I'm pretty sure the Green Elephant used a magneto as most of the nitro and alcohol racers did and still do, because you don't need a battery with magnetos as they produce the current nedded for the spark themselves, and some of the early magnetos looked like regular distributors like Cirello and Scheifer.
  7. I have never seen any of the Moebius Ford pickup kits in person so I can't say anything about them. But the Trumpeter Falcons has lots to desire when it comes to porportions and accuracy, the body is decent but the floorpan has tubbed fenderwells, the engine is the most horrible representation of a Ford small block I have ever seen as it's way too large ond crude, the transmission is not much better and what it's supposed to be is questionable. The one thing good is that if you want to build a race car of the Falcon it's a bit easier as you don't have to modify it much to make room for lar
  8. Those are more Pro Street than Pro Stock/Pro Mod because the latter use slicks with no tread.
  9. The Rockwell 6 Rod suspension and axles you can get from Auslowe. https://www.auslowe.com.au/shop/rockwell-six-rod-/SK3
  10. To be sure you just measure from the center of the front axle to the center of the tandem between the axles and multiply with 25.
  11. I only have three Trumpeter kits, one Nova and two Falcon's and was excited when I got them until I opened them up, to say they are accurate is to exaggerate because they are not and they have problems with proportions both here and there, and I have heard likewise with their WW2 aviation kits. The Chinese kit manufacturers often miss when they do their kits, pretty much like Meng has done with their GT40 kits wich they brag about are the best out there...yeah right, if you don't mind all the inaccuracies and bad designed parts. It seems like they are not doing their homework and research
  12. Very nice. It would have looked even better if the dashboard was right as the Aerodyne had a different dashboard from the flat top K100's, but no such thing is available for the Revell and AMT kits.
  13. Yes it's good to have it back, it's a long time since it was out last. Hopefully they have fixed the control panel for the reefer, it was on the wrong side in the earlier kits, and the Great Dane decals for the badges up on the front corners, the have allways been too small.
  14. There are for sure a demand for the Camaro ZL-1 body as Revell never updated the latest NASCAR Ford Fusion and Chevy SS kits maybe mostly due to the bankruptcy of Hobbico and change of ownership, and the new owners doesn't seem to be interested in doing any NASCAR kits even tho' they have the best NASCAR tooling done in their inventory with their 2017 kits, a new body with glass and decals was all needed to upgrade the kits to the current cars the NASCAR teams have used until today, Camaro (from 2018) and Mustang (from 2019). I just think new tooling for a Camaro kit might be a little harder
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