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  1. I don't do rollers if I can avoid it for this reason, my models are static display models, not toys.
  2. That was unfortunate. They could use most of the basic tooling but change and add some things and they would be up to date even today so many years later, because they are really good kits that looks good on the shelf. Maybe Atlantis is interested in doing it, they have the Don Garlits Swamp Rat XXX tool and maybe they also got the other Top Fuel tooling.
  3. Nice. One of the first car kits I ever built. I have an unbuilt one in my stash so I will do another one sometime.
  4. If you can't find them Modeltruckin.com have them. http://www.modeltruckin.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4&products_id=67
  5. Awsome as usual. I'm impressed with your attention to details and I have followed your builds for a long time. It takes quite a lot to update the Revell Top Fuel Dragster kits to more modern status. Revell did some updates with every version of the Top Fuel dragster kits (and Funny Car kits) but they were allways behind and never did enough so they would have been up to date even for the time period they were supposed to be and the only accurate kits are the first kits of this era wich came in 1991, then the evolution of the real Top Fuel dragsters, wich was very steep in the 90's, ran away from Revell and they never cought up. If Revell had done the necessary updates when they issued the last versions of the Top Fuel kit, the Kenny Bernstein Budweiser King and Tony Schumacher Army Dragsters in 2002...wich they didn't, they did some updates but not enough...they would have been pretty much up to date even today 22 years later as much haven't changed visually on Top Fuel dragsters since then.
  6. The ERTL Smokey And The Bandit II trailer is not right for the movie truck as the trailer used was a trailer with a slight drop deck and low profile tires and two large opening side doors on the drivers side. ERTL just took what they allready had (like most model kit companies do) and did the decals for it, so it's the regular Great Dane dry goods trailer with the decals from the movie, the decals isn't even absolutely correct either as the blue stripe should go all the way around the front of the trailer.
  7. The center driver position makes it harder to see the lines dividing the lanes and you are more likely to get over too far. But the main thing I see with a center driver position is the view around the rig, and huge blind spots on both sides instead of only on one side...but what do I know, I'm just a commercial drivers license holder equivalent to the US class A license. 😉
  8. I don't understand why both KW and Tesla insists on putting the driver in the center far from each side in the cab...mirrors or cameras can work but have limitations for the view around the truck, especially if it's narrow. I would like to sit near the middle of the road when I drive a full size truck and if a center posision would have been so great everyone would have it allready.
  9. Sorry, it's the Transtar CO4070A they did new tooling and reissued, not the Transtar II Eagle CO4070B where the tooling was changed from the Transtar CO4070A so it couldn't be reissued in it's original form. The tooling for the Transtar II Eagle seems to have disappeared when Round 2 bought the MPC, AMT and ERTL tool bank from Tomy.
  10. Could it be that they used the B-body K-members, they are slightly wider than the A-body. I know they use them on the SS/H and SS/HA cars to get the wheels further outwards.
  11. 1957 is mostly red block, heads and intake manifold, valve covers are black or cast aluminum, air cleaner argent. 1958 is more difficult and the engine colors are all over the place, red, blue, green, yellow, valve covers are black, white and air cleaners are also black or white. 1959 to 1966 model year, Black block, heads, intake manifold (except aluminum) with different clolored valve covers and air cleaner depending on engine version, some have chrome valve covers and air cleaner and some of the hotter engines had cast aluminum oval air cleaners., it depends on engine version and if they ordered a dress up kit.
  12. Yes of course, lack of detail is probably why the kit manufacturers also supplies backing plates. I think I saw somewhere detailed brakes without backing plates, I don't remember where tho'.
  13. Far from all US tractors and trailers have backing plates because you really don't need them as all brake parts are attached to the axles themselves, and it's easier to see wear as you can see the brake shoes from the inside. Here is Paul Cox's 1979 K100 Aerodyne under restoration, no backing plates. even on more modern trucks, 2000 Peterbilt 379.
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