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  1. Same kit different decals and boxart...and it's not right for any of the BJ trucks used in the series. But Modeltruckin.com has decals for the BJ truck if you want to build one...just be sure to order before August 31:st. A more correct starting point for the BJ truck is the Revell Germany K100 Aerodyne kit as it has the right wheelbase, a Cummins engine and Fuller transmission. The AMT kit has a Detroit 8V-92T, Allison automatic transmission and I belive the wheelbase is too long depending on what frame rails are in the kit, the Tyrone Malone transporters Papa Truck and Hideout Truck are based on this kit and have a very long frame.
  2. We had the same parking brake system here in Sweden, a crank mechanism pulling wires to apply the service brakes manually on one axle when it's parked. Now that's gone since they started to use Maxis on trailers.
  3. That most likely depends on the manufacturer, but most I have seen the lines are run on one of the frame rails or if ot doesn't have a frame near the middle under the floor as that's close to where they are going, that will say the trailer air tank and brakes. Look at this ad. https://www.itagequipment.com/for-sale/2015-iti-48x102-open-top-trailer-12568104
  4. Here is a diagram. On trailers you only have two lines, one supply line (red) wich supplies air to the trailer air tanks and one service line (blue) wich gets the air from the brake pedal and truck brake system and actuate the brake valves and brakes on the trailer, and one cirquit for parking brakes (yellow) if the trailer has maxis. A converter dolly and a trailer is pretty much the same thing and has the same setup depending on how many axles they have.
  5. I haven't dived into that yet but here are some. Most of the US truck kits have Eaton-Fuller transmissions regardless of manufacturer. Here are some exceptions. The AMT kenworth W925 has a Dana-Spicer main and auxillary transmissions, maybe a 5 and 4 or 6 and 4, so it's a twin stick The AMT Kenworth W900 Alaskan Hauler has a Dana-Spicer 16 speed The AMT Kenworth K100 Aerodyne and the Tyrone Malone Bandag Bandit and Super Boss has Allison Automatics The AMT Mack trucks has Mack transmissions
  6. I got #224 in the mail today here in Sweden, so I hope the troublesome mail chain will work from now on after all the problems the last two years. #222 and #223 are still missing in action tho'. So with this rate it looks like I get every third issue because the last one I got was #221.
  7. Badman was not the first but one of the first car models I built back in the 70's and I also built the black street machine back then. I have another Badman kit wich I will build eventually for nostalgic reasons.
  8. It turned out absolutely beautiful Rickard.
  9. Not quite yet, still missing some parts. Nice work on yours.
  10. They used two different trucks might be one answer, but the plates changes during the first season and I have counted to six different plate setups, eight if you count in the plates that changes colors but have the same letters and numbers, the second season the plates are the same throughout the series. Regarding the Marmon.
  11. I haven't yet, I also haven't gotten #222 and #223...so they seems to be missing in action.
  12. The gold emblems were on 1973 Kenworth's in the US to celebrate Kenworth's 50th anniversary, Canada built Kenworth's didn't have them, but they have been used on later trucks too, I believe the 007 Edition also had gold emblems. But for some reason I don't know both the 1974 trucks used in Movin' On had gold emblems and KW bug on the grille, I have several pictures where you clearly can see them, could be that as 1974 was the first year for the V.I.T. package, Very Important Trucker, it could be the reason for them to have gold emblems and all pictures I have seen on 1974 V.I.T. trucks have gold emblems, but I don't know, they do have them. For the Smokey and the Bandit, trucks, the KW bug was painted gold and black on both trucks, but the real gold KW bug was gold and red, allthough one of the trucks used in Smokey and the Bandit was indeed a 1973 and had gold KENWORTH side emblems, the other one had chrome. Here is a picture of KW bug on one of the Smokey And The Bandit Trucks. Here is how it should look for the 1973 trucks. Backside. Here is both the 50th and 75th anniversary emblems. And here is a picture where you clearly can see the gold KW bug and the side emblems on the hood and sleeper are also gold, it has the beige with green buttons V.I.T. interior with highback seats and 60 inch sleeper so it has to be one of the 1974 trucks.
  13. Yes you are right. The first two trucks bought new for the series was 1974 Models. The only known survivor from the series is currently under restoration and is at the final stages and it's one of the 1974 trucks. One thing that bothers me is the emblems and KW bug should be gold wich they were in the TV series so they must have been changed sometime under it's life. Here is some pictures from the Movin' On facebook group posted recently.
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