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  1. Not necessarily. Hydrogen can be made in sufficient quantities to power the "average" commute from a rooftop photovoltaic array. In a fuel cell, it's the cleanest and most efficient of currently available tech, and puts zero additional load on the grid. The research has been done, the numbers are in. It works beautifully, and a business model that works by leasing the necessary equipment to consumers on a cost basis competitive with other forms of transportation energy has been developed. It does not require billions in additional infrastructure and generating capacity, an
  2. Boy howdee. Them folks sure as tootin' woodunt like it 'roun here. Our ideer of a good time of an evenin is gettin' a buncha ol frigerators outen the yard n blowin the dang doors offen em with shotguns.
  3. Thank you, sir. Reciprocated 100%.
  4. That's one of those rare models that looks so good, somebody really should build a full-scale version.
  5. I believe you get that flag because this site doesn't use "HTTPS", but rather only "HTTP". Explanation here: https://www.cloudflare.com/learning/ssl/why-is-http-not-secure/
  6. OK. I hike a lot. I'm often the last person on the trail in the evening. I see the little bags constantly, with very obviously nobody coming back to get them. And it's an ongoing, frequent occurrence. Getting more and more frequent. If it was a one time thing, or only an occasional thing, I wouldn't have bothered complaining. But when it's CONSTANT...
  7. I appreciate your input, but I'm not talking about strays or dogs let out. I'm talking about people who walk their dogs on leashes, according to the strict local animal control ordinance here, and let them do their thing in other folks' yards. I've been working in my home office and looked out the window multiple times to see it happen. With my own eyes. And I've gone outside and asked the walkers to please not let their animals defecate on my property. Multiple times. But as ol' hobbybob says, they think "it's their dog's right to poop in your yard and what right do you ha
  8. A lot depends on the exact time period you want to represent. Earlier M/SP cars ran less rear rubber and had higher noses. Around the time they were absorbed by the altered classes, often lower noses and lots more rear rubber.
  9. Yup. And just think..the environment whiners wouldn't be advocating for people who had nothing to do with dumping plastic in oceans and waterways to be forced to take on the responsibility to clean it all up...there wouldn't be anything to clean up. Damm hard for me to understand why that's too hard to grasp.
  10. Best laugh I've had all day. Please explain to me why it's MY responsibility to buy and spread pepper all over my yard SO SOMEBODY ELSE'S DOG WON'T DUMP IN IT WHEN THE OWNER WALKS THE ANIMAL. HINT: Think about why nobody has to spread deterrent to keep ME from dumping my cat's box in THEIR yard.
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