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  1. Modeler Guy, geez, you could have used a better subject line, but I guess I took the bait. This question comes up here fairly regularly. Here is the latest thread from October. It contains links to previous threads with info about multiple decal producers.
  2. I'm confused. The way you described it sounds like you are trying to trim them while they are still wet on the model? You need them to dry first. Or are you saying that even when dry, they don't stay on the model? If that's the case then yes, contact Slixx. It also sounds like you have successfully used Slixx decals (and decal setting solutions) in the past. If you are using the same setting solution as before, and the decals are melting, then again contact Slixx.
  3. While I never been to a KISS concert, I am a big fan of the '70s stuff (original KISS) - their music and the theatrical performance. Everything else after that (with few exceptions) is meh. I also have to chuckle when I see any of those '60s and '70s Rock bands still performing today. Those guys are old farts! I wonder how, back in their prime in the '70s they would look at themselves as 60- and 70-something guys playing live rock concerts. It's surreal! Not that there is anything wrong with that. Rock on 'till you drop guys!
  4. Better ads use clever plots or good (not stupid) humor. Those are more memorable to me than being annoyed by repetitive ads. I still remember The phone company Yellow Pages commercials from the '90s. Those were very clever. Furniture Stripping, Rock Drills, Dumb Waiters, Civil Engineers, and many more. In more recent times State Farm Insurance ads are also quite good. But Liberty Mutual ads with the emu are really annoying. Wouldn't get insurance from them.
  5. Very bad. Right now it is a season for the Medicare "plan C" ads. Camp Lejune, Asbestos, and all the ambulance chasers ads. Ad-noseum!
  6. That is not an alternator. It's a generator. I don't know if alternators were used on any cars of that vintage. I know "picky, picky, picky". But seriously that is a very interesting project (not one I would attempt). It is looking pretty darn good so far.
  7. I also come from that same time, but unfortunately the world around us has drastically changed (and not for the better). We may have the "old world" morals, but large portion of current population does not. Same goes for the work ethics or even common sense. Just ask Ace.
  8. Another unusual subject. I like unusual subjects (especially with lights)!
  9. Looks darn good to me! Is that a real or fantasy paint scheme? I remember "dazzle" camo on ships, but I believe it was all grayscale.
  10. We are taking about Postal Service employee, or restaurant staff. Even if they got canned, with the way today's world is, they could find you and kill you. In today's world killing someone is not a big deal. But they would likely not get canned, so they would continue to provide the sub-par service to you. Yes, I'm exaggerating a bit, but you get my point.
  11. Jason, contact Jason at Jack Modeling, He accepts requests (these wheels and tires started as a request on this forum). Since he already has a CAD design for the 250GTO wheels, it should be easy to change the rim depth or other dimensions. The tires will be a bit more involved, but doable.
  12. Hm, I thought the priceless caps were introduced later in the '90s (to present) so they would not have to remake the caps using the new, constantly growing price. Generic cap solved that problem. EDIT: On second thought, I seem to recall that the little square bottles had different diameter necks too, using different caps. Larger and smaller. I think the small caps didn't have prices and were used in paint sets. But my memory is fuzzy, I think I still have a paint set from the '80s. Would have to dig it out and check the cap.
  13. That is the dilemma nowadays. We experience some really poor service from an individual on whom we depend on, but we are afraid to report it worrying about possible repercussions.
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