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  1. I like that! "Civilized" version. I have a 1:43 kit of a military Harley, and I'm also planning on "demilitarizing" it.
  2. Beautiful model Mark! I also hope that admins eventually fix this problem of posting photos as links to other sites. In the "Can't see my photos" thread I have offered workarounds that seem to work for others. One is to take the link to your photo from a 3rd party photo host and paste it into MS Windows Notepad. There, strip anything other than the URL link itself (it should start with "https" and end with ".jpg". Then copy the link from the Notepad (that is important), and paste it into the text composer window in the forum. That should properly show the photo (not its link) wit
  3. Neither kit has a really good set of wheels/tires. Revell tires are better, but the rear wheels don't have deeper offset (they look identical to the fronts). AMT has better wheels, but the tires have the wrong profile (the sidewalls are too tall).
  4. Yup. I just use #3 and #2 for polishing plastic. #1 is more of a cleaner than polish.
  5. After I'm done sanding clear plastic pieces, I use the Novus polishing system. It makes the plastic part as clear is it was before.
  6. Any CA glue goes from softer than styrene, to harder than styrene as it cures. If you sand it few minutes after it cures, it will still be soft and gummy. But if you wait for 12 hours, it will be harder than styrene. Best is to let it set for few hours before sanding, but not to wait til the next day.
  7. That is what happens when a car is designed by a committee. That's all I can say. I'm pretty sure I know what country it was made in, but I'm not going to look for the specifics.
  8. Simca name always reminds me of Simka and Latka from the "Taxi" sitcom.
  9. To me it looks like he replaced the plastic parts with scratch-built brass lifter and pushrod. Looks like pushrod is a brass rod soldered inside a larger diameter brass tube (lifter). Then the end of the lifter that is in contact with the cam lobe is beveled (usually lifters have flat bottom).
  10. Glen, too bad you didn't take any photos of the "kit" to show what it looked like before you did your magic on it. Some younger modelers might not be familiar with TKM's creations. I only ever bought one TKM kit and it is still sitting untouched in the box.
  11. Congratulations on your steady progress. The filler cap (just like every other part of this project) looks very realistic.
  12. Looks like I missed that post. Sorry! Who was the person stating that there was a Tamiya '57 Chevy? I was referring to the post below. It stated that there is no Tamiya '57 Chevy. I'm also getting more and more amused with how this thread took on a life of its own, without and additional input from the member who made the "lousy kit" statemenr. So funny!
  13. I believe that the post you are referring to stated "if Tamiya made a '57 Chevy . . .". Seems that you took it way too seriously.
  14. I participate in online forums, and I'm *NOT* a member of FB because of FB's things like the "like" button. That, and the fact that FB is like a constant stream of updates without much organization. I like things organized in separate threads and in separate sections of the forum. Makes subjects easier to browse and even search. And of course it is also nice to see even a short written sentence than just a "thumbs up". Of course I also hope that the nice short "kudos post" is not quoting some original post with 20 large photos in it, although the new version of the forum software seems to
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