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  1. Maybe it's because New York's electical grid runs almost exclusively on natural gas, nuclear, and hydro. https://www.eia.gov/state/analysis.php?sid=NY
  2. And how are these things mutually exclusive? If anything, exploring the rest of the universe is part of how we learn how to fix things here.
  3. That's why the people behind 2001: A Space Odyssey thought they were being nice and conservative predicting orbiting hotels and moon colonies. It turns out space is a little harder. You can't build a spaceship in your garage, and when Lindberg flew from New York to Paris, Paris was already there.
  4. Which is exactly what that last space race was, except it was nations waving their respective appendages, and you know what? I am just fine with that. They wave their little appendages until they fall off if it makes space more accessible. Okay, now that we've gotten the obligatory class struggle snark out of the way, why is this a big deal? Aside from it being really cool, neither Branston nor Bezos are just doing it for kicks. Both are doing this with an eye to offering commercial flights, and if either of them make money at it, you can be sure that other companies are going to
  5. It's really a numbers game. Unfortunately, Canada doesn't have the numbers, while China does. What's also skewing the the numbers is that in the States, emissions and safety regs aren't as tight for trucks as they are for passenger cars, so they are a little more profitable to build. It would be interesting to see what happens if they every harmonize the standards for both. McLaughlin-Buicks were also popular with British aristocracy who wanted an American car but who still wanted to be seen as "buying British"
  6. It looks like they're built in China. It's actually not a bad looking machine. https://gmauthority.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/2022-Buick-Regal-GS-China-Exterior-001-front-three-quarter-720x340.jpg https://gmauthority.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/2022-Buick-Regal-GS-China-Exterior-002-front-three-quarter-720x480.jpg
  7. Well according to this https://gmauthority.com/blog/2020/12/buick-set-new-sales-record-during-november-in-china/, not only are most Buick sales in China, most of those are sedans.
  8. I'm not taking that bet. They already tried selling niche bits of boomer nostalgia, and we already know how well that went over. Round 2 is basically catering to the same dwindling market of people who built models in the '60s, and they can do it because they already have a stockpile of existing moulds they can squeeze a few more kits out of. On the other hand, there might be a market for one of the newer Buicks. Especially the China only models.
  9. And I still think it's like Moebius got a focus group together and told them to think of the least interesting car they can, but I wish them luck all the same. Interestingly enough, looking through the website of one of my local hobby shops, Moebius kits are going for about the same price at Round 2 kits. Maybe even a little less. Moebius also seem to be more of a niche company than Trumpeter. Maybe their mistake was to try to offer models that nobody else was. You look at their catalogue, and there are planes and tanks that are offered by everyone else. There's a reason certain s
  10. I have the Heller edition of this kit. This is probably the nicest Bentley kit you're likely to find in this scale. Exercise a little care, and it builds up really nice.
  11. Up to a point. I'd love a kaiser-Darrin kit, but the only one anyone ever made was Premier, and scratch building would be easier than turning that into a passable replica. And when you're charging what Trumpeter was charging, then people have every right to be picky about what you're offering. I'm also going to suggest that the folks at Trumpeter are big boys and girls, and that sales were probably more of a factor than hurt feelings. Every company has critics, and yet they somehow carry on. For me, it was simple. They were charging way too much for subjects I had no interest in.
  12. The subject matter didn't help either. I'm sure there's a '77 Monte Carlo fan out there somewhere who was excited as all get out, but you have to admit they're pretty much nonexistent on most peoples' wish lists. The one Trumpeter car kit I did buy was the Red Flag limo, and it was the subject matter that attracted me.
  13. One of Monogram's shortlived foray into metal kits was a '53 Corvette, but where the body was metal, everything else was plastic, so the almost complete opposite of the real thing.
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