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  1. You and me both! I have seen the 64 for the last two years and drooled over it. When I finally stopped earlier this week and walked out back I was floored to see the 63 427 4 speed!! That emediately moved to the top of my wanted list. What a shame to have any of them just sitting there. Later-
  2. I hate that too! I found a guy once who had a 66 Big Block Corvette sitting in about the same condition in his front yard. I asked about it and he told me that he was going to rebuild it and give it to his son the following year for his 16th birthday. I didn't know the guy at all but did not hesitate to tell him he was an idiot. I got quickly ran off. Later-
  3. I like what you are doing with this. Your weathering is perfect! Sorry I didn't see this one earlier. For the taillights I would have BMF'ed the bottom half then painted half of that clear amber. For the back up lens mix some pearl white with future floor polish or clearcoat to get a slightly milky color and brush it on the lower portion of the BMF. I just started a build of this kit myself. Going with a 90's- 2000's low budget mini truckin theme. Still very early stages on mine. Looking forward to your finished project. Later-
  4. I got a box of broken up rebuilders recently. I pulled out what parts went with this and decided it would make a great quick build. The style I was after was for something several decades ago so I didn't try to slam it to the ground. Dug through the parts boxes for suspension parts, tires and wheels, and a steering wheel. Scratchbuilt the exhaust and headlight stalks and headlight. (realized I forgot taillights and could probably use a small step on each side to enter- I'll remedy that soon.) A bit of paint touch up here and there and I was done in about 12 hrs time over a couple weeks. Nothing outstanding but a nice piece to put on the shelf. Later-
  5. I need a front and rear bumper for a 64 Caddy and one taillight for a 62 Chrysler 300. Later-
  6. Did a bit more work on this. Spent some time digging through my tire and wheel stash for the right set. I don't think I found it but these will do for now. Had to lower the rear suspension and put together a front suspension from the parts box. Going with a 70's style so I'm alright with it sitting a bit high but thiss may be too much. The tires and wheels are just mocked up for now. Still need to get some headlights and taillights together. Later-
  7. Ooh! I NEED that PE 36 Ford grill since I just got this in the mail today from a FB purchase. PM me if it is up for coming home with me. (And any of the flathead parts) Later-
  8. I have a trailer. I'll send you some pics. Later-
  9. Every once in a while it's fun just to build like I'm a 12 yr old again. I recently got a box full of broken up builds. Tonight I pulled out the main parts of one and started putting it back together, adding a few parts box pieces and minor scratch building. After 4 hours of building here is where I'm at. After one or two more sessions at the bench I should have a completed build for my shelf. Later-
  10. Which Hudson (what year) are you offering? I have lots of Chevy pickup and Blazer rebuilders. Later-
  11. Very nice job you did on your build. I love everthing about doing these 24 hr builds each year. Later-
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