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  1. Thank you guys for your kind words. Mike would.have appreciated it and I surely do. Later-
  2. Everybody, Thanks for all of the great suggestions. The MCW paint at $18 is not out of the realm of possibility- I recently bought a medium sized bottle of paint for $30. I am looking for ideas on spray or airbrush paints so rattle cans or paint mixing works either way. I like the idea of mixing some blue/green with the light Gunmetal too. I just thought that someone might know a quick answer to my question. Again, thanks for all of the ideas! Later-
  3. Thanks for all of the kind responses guys! This one has gotten held up.trying to find an engine for it. I am also debating with myself on ideas for customizing the interior. I think I have the interior planned out now. As soon as I find the kit I'm looking for to rob an engine out of I'll be moving forward. Later-
  4. I picked this out of my friends stash of kits. I don't know why but I like the idea of building it. Picture is from the innertube Later-
  5. I usually play music from YouTube. Can get a wide variety of music that way. Usually classic rock or blues. Some times I get on an odd kick and play something strange (Yaz, Alison Moyet, Cigarettes After Sex, Imelda May, etc) Later-
  6. He mentioned to me a few times over the years about a top fuel car he built for one of the famous drivers. A picture of him with it was included in one of the early Plastic Fanatics mags (I believe). He also used to do slush cast bodies. Later-
  7. You knew Mike? He definitely had some talent. I don't recall ever hearing him talk about Tomcat Hobbies. Later-
  8. Looking to trade for one of these two kits to get the engine. Anybody got one to trade? Later-
  9. Modlbldr

    LS7 engine

    Thanks for the valuable info. Looks like I'll have to find a ZR 1 or Z06 kit. Thanks. Later-
  10. I'm not sure if anybody here knew Mike Flynn. He worked in the past at Pegasus Hobbies in California. He had resided in Spokane, Wa for the last decade or so. He passed early Thursday, May 13th of Renal failure. I had the amazing privilege of calling him Friend since meeting him in 2007. Mike was an outstanding model builder and a very generous and warm-hearted man. I will miss him terribly! Many of the parts and kits I have were freely given to me by Mike. His knowledge of kit parts and many things drag and hot rod related were shared with me. I have been given the chance to
  11. Modlbldr

    LS7 engine

    Thanks for the info. Is this the C7 kit you're talking about? https://images.app.goo.gl/N6sMjbGQNS1aE6PW9 Later-
  12. Got this tonight. Looks like enough parts for the 36' and 44' trailers. Also got this started belly tanker project. Later-
  13. Nicely done! Love the sporty look. So, how much is that you removed off of each end? Later-
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