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  1. Al, Such beautiful work on that! The color and wheel choice is just perfect! Very nice model. Later-
  2. Sorry. Just remembered that I traded it off to a buddy. I had a 65 Falcon body that had the lower body slightly pie cut. I thought it would look good for what you showed there. Later-
  3. Chris, I may have something you're interested in. I'll send a pic as soon as I can locate it. Later-
  4. I'll have to check. Do you know which ones you are looking for? I forgot to mention but have edited my post to say that I am looking to trade for kits, resin and aftermarket stuff. Later-
  5. I have quite a few model magazines that I am interested in getting rid of. Looking to trade for car and pickup kits from 20's to current, resin and aftermarket stuff. I have Car Modeler, Plastic Fanatic, Model Car Journal and yes, I have Model Cars Magazine. Some are old, even premier issues. I live north of Spokane, WA if you'd rather not ship. Later-
  6. I believe that I have a spare body, primered black with a good windshield frame. Now to find it. Lol. Give me a day. Should be able to locate it. Later-
  7. Does anyone have any info on the next quick build? 24 hr or 3 day weekend, etc? I'm itching to do another. Later-
  8. What a beautiful looking Ford! That color is amazing!! Nice work. Later-
  9. Mike, That is some fine looking work! I really love that color of red. Looks great on that ol' Chevy! Later-
  10. I made a quick mod to the frame in the rear. Ill clean it all up on my next bench session. I cut the frame just past the Cab and added a block to raise the rear of the frame a bit. I did this for a couple of reasons. Now I will not have to add such a tall block between the frame and the bed floor and now my rear axle does not touch the frame. Later-
  11. Got a bit more adjusting done on the suspension. In the rear I had part of the plastic where the inner wheelwell wells had been that needed cut out. (Second pic) In the front the wheel hubs needed to be shortened to get the track narrow enough to fit inside the fenders. I wouldn't mind getting it a bit lower but the rear fenders will not allow it. Plus, as it is it sits level now. Later-
  12. Been working a bit at a time on this lately. Using the frame from the Foose F100. I reworked the rear four link by removing the plastic bars and putting in longer metal bars to improve the.look and move the rear axle back a bit to the center of the wheelwells. I also raised the bed floor a bit. Tonight I temporarily set it up on the wheels to see what it looked like. Still needs some modification. The first order is to narrow the front track. Easy enough by cutting down the mounting posts on the wheels. Next is o get it a bit lower somehow. That's it for tonight. Later-
  13. Just picked this up for a good price. Complete. My first one of these Galaxie kits! Never got one when they were first out and then couldn't justify the high price. Extremely happy. Later-
  14. Beautiful work! I like the non stock color idea. Your dash gauges look great too! This is going to be a sweet build. It's funny how certain kits manage to keep working their way back into my stash. I've had two or three of these kits over the years and got one to the final stages before losing interest. I just managed last month to finally give it away and two days ago I ended up having one given to me that looks just about how this one looked when you got it. Maybe I need to redo it and get it across the finish line. Later-
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