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  1. On the fence about the rear wheel treatment, but really like all the little details.
  2. Does anyone have one they want to get rid of? After reading this thread, I want to try one. 😀
  3. Great trade with Vettegasser. Would do so again in a heartbeat.
  4. Where in the world did you find all those 1/43 diorama pieces. That is insane. It probably all fits in a shoe box.
  5. That is one gorgeous color. Looks like it has been plated and not painted.
  6. This thing is soooooooo smooth. Great mods on the rear...and front.
  7. Thanks everyone. Oh, and here is the rest of the Ranchero. Trying to figure out if and or what I can do with it. 😄
  8. Sounds like a bit of sleuthing I would love to do. It can be fun to track down a car. Even better if it ends up in my garage. 😄
  9. Yup, and when you look hard at the automotive industry as a whole, you will find much of it is not "new" at all, just a different way of doing it.
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