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  1. Thank you for the instructions. Funny thing, I lived 50 miles from Bob for 23 years, yet never heard much about him until I met one of his best friends. Learned a little bit about him and saw some of his work at the museum in Salt lake.
  2. Going through my Mustang stuff and do not have a need for these parts. 1990 fox body convertible parts. One body with broken but fixable windshield post. Three interior buckets, painted one is complete interior, one extra seat. Front and rear bumpers (no lights). Two hoods. One boot and two tops. One chassis plate. 'O6 Mustang was started by my son years ago but never finished. Some parts painted, engine glued and painted. Will trade everything for one kit, or a couple models in like condition. Off the top of my head, I am looking for the Monogram 40 ford convertible, am
  3. You sure do build some cool subjects. My dad had a '62 Chevy pu in factory Robin eggs blue. Love that color.
  4. Interesting. Are these disks available on the market, or you make your own, and if so, what type of paper have you found works the best? Also, where did you get this idea from? I use the thin abrasive wheels for most things, but when they come apart...
  5. You sure made that look easy. WoW! How are you going to tackle the RHD?
  6. You get a lot done in an hour. Nice save! I managed a couple hours myself.
  7. Don't be too hard on yourself Bill, looks great. Just remember, if you decide to throw it away, throw it my way. 😄
  8. Great build. Your color choices really enhance your builds for me. Looks familiar though...
  9. Excellent build, would love to drive one just like it.
  10. Well worth the time and effort. Great job turning that sows ear into a silk purse. Display it with pride.
  11. Phenomenal work. I enjoyed the large scale slotcar racing for a number of years. Very, very gut wrenching when all your hard work hits the wall....or goes over.
  12. I bought this lot about nine or ten years ago. When it was still cheap to ship international with usps. I found this add in Craigslist about models for sale. I called and talked to a very nice young lady. What it boiled down to was that it was her father's hobby and he had died from cancer. She was 18 at the time and her mom said she could keep the collection or sell it and put the money towards her college fund. She started selling the planes on ebay but became overwhelmed by it even though she did sell them. When I asked about what she had as far as car models, she wanted to know what I was
  13. Pierre, I moved 1300 miles...twice, and found that this worked well for me. I purchased a few of these totes from Walmart and a couple bundles of micro fiber towels. I then washed the towels a few times with fabric softener to, well, soften them some more. I then put a layer of towels on the bottom of the tote, placed the models in the tote and cushioned them like so. Never damaged any of them, and the plus side of the micro fiber is that they are relatively lint free. You can see that I bought two different size towels. The smaller ones I take from opposite corners and roll them
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