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76 Fury with a 225.

11 June 2014 - 10:18 AM

I'm a sucker for these worn out old tool kits, even though it takes a lot to make one presentable.


Detroit PD, like many other big cities had budget issues for decades. Slant sixes and 318's, mostly sixes though.

They did have the good sense to run two-man cars though. I decided to depict a guy that would rather die of lung

cancer than a bad guy's bullet. People love to open the trunk, intsall valve stems and brass lug nuts but

everybody overlooks the stuff that makes a car a car, like the ash tray, the arm rest, glove box, lighter receptacle

and outlets, streaking the glass from the wiper blades?



No 75 Birdie parts here. Hate em!









Revell Chassis, for obvious reasons.







Love the Revell chassis, I use the 8-3/4" from the Socks and Mittens GTX.