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In Topic: Revell Discontinuing NASCAR Model Kits

16 December 2008 - 03:12 PM

I read every message posted in this thread and no one seemed to mentioned what I believe is the main reason that Revell is getting out of the NASCAR kit business ...
It's because NASCAR kits aren't selling. Period.

Other than Khart’s posting in which he presents a most interesting, and perhaps a correct opinion, on this as well as other modeler/hobbyist forums, most comments about Revell-Monogram discontinuing its NASCAR model production reflect most writers’ disdain for NASCAR- an interesting subject but really not too relevant to the status of the auto modeling hobby

Of greater relevance is what are really the reasons that Revell-Monogram has discontinued manufacturing NASCAR model kits. Notwithstanding some writers opinions about the present state of NASCAR , NASCAR racing remains, and will so, the most prevalent form of American motor-sports, and the cessation of Revell NASCSAR kit manufacturing leaves a big hole in the panoply of available motor-sports kits. Would be like Athearn, model railroad’s largest manufacturer of model railroad equipment ceasing production of models of EMD locomotives, though EMD diesel-electric locomotives are the most numerous locomotives used by 1:1 American Railroads.

Would be more informative for a more in-depth discussion of why Revell Monogram quit, and how or what might fill in the modeling hole. Has NASCAR licensed another model manufacturer, say Tamiya, now that Toyota’s a big player? Would other Japanese model manufactures step up? If licensing fees are such a huge deterrent to manufacturing models, then why are there so many varied 1/32 COT-NASCAR slot cars?

What’s really transpiring within the model kit manufacturing industry? U.S. economy? The world-wide economy? Is modeling and other forms of similar three dimensional recreation/leisure activities declining? Would seem there are a number of hidden factors involved with R-M’s decision to cease manufacturing of what has been a sizeable segment of its overall production.