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Hey man, I'm in Vegas too ( and I wish I was back near the ocean as well). So I was wondering about your club. When do you meet? How many people? I've never been involved with a club (other than online). I'm new to modeling, since Feb. this year but real seriously into it. Thanks, any info would be appreciated.
Aug 04 2010 11:59 AM

Agent GTradeshowjoe

I have begun attending IPMS meetings. They are held every Thursday evening at Henderson Hobbies on Water St in old town Henderson. One week is cars one airplanes one armor etc. I attend every week as I build a little bit of everything. We will be there tonight. Oh and the meetings start at roughly 630pm.
Jul 22 2010 07:13 AM

TradeshowjoeAgent G

hey G,
What "club" are you referring to? I am in lovely Vegas myself.
Jul 22 2010 06:33 AM