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In Topic: Blue Mule

27 March 2011 - 07:15 AM

Um, Tim, according to www.imdb.com "White Line Fever" was released in theaters 16 JUL 75. Wouldn't that make the Blue Mule a 1973 or 1974, assuming that they shot the film in 1974, then did post production in early 1975?

depends on which truck you talking about from the movie, they had 5 blue mule's for the movie and some scene's it was a different truck, Filming took place in later 1974 and early 1975

the one mainly used was a 1974 Ford WT-9000 used for the filming in 1974,

Truck #2 was a 1975 Ford WT-9000 used for the filming in 1975, while Truck #1 when to truck stop, shows and behind the scene's picture's the photo on the VCR with Jan Michael Vincent standing in front of it with a gun and etc. to advertise for the movie

Truck #3 was a 1972 Ford W-9000 Universal Studio's acquired it from Ford Factories as left over, Ford Factories had it as a show truck to advertise for it's model "the W and WT-9000"

Truck #4 was a 1973 Ford W-9000 it was a stunt truck and scrapped back in 1976

Truck #5 was only used in 2 scenen's of the movie it was a Modified WT-9000, when it was actually a 1965 Ford W-1000, the only s scene's was part of the final cause this was the truck used for the jump, they switched to this truck in the scene right when they started to fire there guns in the final scene, before that for the night scene it was Truck #4 and the other scene it was used in is when the truck had paint marks all over it with the snake in the cab, this truck was scrapped right after filming in 1975

In Topic: "Blue Mule" from White Line Fever

27 March 2011 - 07:01 AM

WOW! The first truck I drove was an WT9000. Only it didn't look near that nice, and was an 2 axle/w sleeper. :)


Thank you, Your a lucky man I've always wanted to drive a WT-9000, this model is based off of the truck from the movie White Line Fever

In Topic: "Blue Mule" from White Line Fever

27 March 2011 - 06:59 AM

Nice looking WT9000. Did you scratch build the cab?

No, I bought it off of E-bey for $48.00

Nicely done!


thank you

In Topic: BJ and the Bear Truck

20 March 2011 - 02:33 PM

I don't know if you watch "American Trucker" on Speed, but he also has an original trailer for it now, too.

I was saying it was it, they got the original trailer for show and that trailer to work with when the truck is on loads

In Topic: Anybody get the Reissue AMT Kenworth K123 Yet?

20 March 2011 - 02:29 PM

i just wonderin ? you guys say the Crome tree in the new re-issue kw 123..might be the same tree as the kw 925? i have a old MOVIN-ON kw that i picked up[ in some built stuff me & my dad bought that i'm lookin to restore ..so if i was 2 kit-bash the new kit would the parts from it fit the i wonna build !!! as you can tell the MOVIN-ON ,WALKENS KW are hard 2 come by.. thanks any info welcome plz..


They just released this Kit