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  1. Just finished this 70 Camaro Z28 the other day. The body came from the AMT B/M kit. The Slot car belongs to a friend who will be racing it at the Hobbytown drag strip in Phoenix. First time I've tried anything like this had a good time with it.
  2. Jules, As requested here are a few more photos. I tried to get the interior but it doesn’t show that well. The window net was made out of blue fabric strips. Thanks for looking back at this post I built this kit back in the mid 1990's. I wish there were modern kits available of some of the old IMSA cars. Mark
  3. Very nice work Scott thanks for posting it. Your right about the quality of Tameo they are my favorite 1/43 model manufacturer.
  4. Chris, This is a very old Starter kit. It was the second 1/43 kit that I built. I completed it back in 1990 so it is getting a little long in the tooth. It doesn't have any clear over the decals. I thought about trying to touch it up a little but decided to leave it alone. I scratch built the interior but its kind of hard to see. Thanks for looking.
  5. Simon, Great job! I really like the seat texture and the belts did you replace the P.E. ones or did they come with the kit? Mark
  6. Couldn't begin to tell you how cool this build is.
  7. Really nice model! First time i've seen that livery.
  8. acmiaz

    Lola T93 Ford

    This is a modified 1/43 Tameo kit of the Lola T93 that Nigel Mansell drove at the 93 Indy 500. This model had to be converted from a road course car to Speedway car. One of the main issues were the side pods leading edge shape needed correcting
  9. Super nice 962! Very clean.
  10. Nice car looks like it's came right of the pages of Speedhunters which is cool.
  11. Really nice work. I like the gray one the best.
  12. acmiaz

    Lotus 79

    Thanks Joe, I will try that thanks for passing on the tip.
  13. acmiaz

    Lotus 79

    Thanks! The WCT versions are very detailed all of them come with removable body panels which exposes very detailed engine, transaxle and suspension. I only had to add ignition wires, braided hose, battery cable and a couple of cockpit knobs.
  14. acmiaz

    Lotus 79

    This is a Tameo 1/43 Lotus 79 that represents the car Mario Andretti used to win the 78 F1 World Championship.
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