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  1. acmiaz added a topic in Model Car Racing   

    Camaro Z28
    Just finished this 70 Camaro Z28 the other day. The body came from the AMT B/M kit. The Slot car belongs to a friend who will be racing it at the Hobbytown drag strip in Phoenix.
    First time I've tried anything like this had a good time with it.

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  2. acmiaz added a post in a topic Roush Cougar XR-7   

    As requested here are a few more photos. I tried to get the interior but it doesn’t show that well. The window net was made out of blue fabric strips. Thanks for looking back at this post I built this kit back in the mid 1990's. I wish there were modern kits available of some of the old IMSA cars.

  3. acmiaz added a post in a topic Tameo 1/43 Ferrari 312B3, F1   

    Very nice work Scott thanks for posting it. Your right about the quality of Tameo they are my favorite 1/43 model manufacturer.
  4. acmiaz added a post in a topic 1/43 Kodiak Pontiac   

    Chris, This is a very old Starter kit. It was the second 1/43 kit that I built. I completed it back in 1990 so it is getting a little long in the tooth. It doesn't have any clear over the decals. I thought about trying to touch it up a little but decided to leave it alone. I scratch built the interior but its kind of hard to see. Thanks for looking.
  5. acmiaz added a topic in NASCAR   

    1/43 Kodiak Pontiac

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  6. acmiaz added a post in a topic 1/43 Tameo Ferrari 126C3 1983 German G.P. Winner   

    Simon, Great job! I really like the seat texture and the belts did you replace the P.E. ones or did they come with the kit?

  7. acmiaz added a post in a topic 2011 Compuware Corvette C6.R Le Mans Winner   

    Couldn't begin to tell you how cool this build is.
  8. acmiaz added a post in a topic Finally Finished My DBR9 1:24   

    Really nice model! First time i've seen that livery.
  9. acmiaz added a topic in Under Glass   

    Lola T93 Ford
    This is a modified 1/43 Tameo kit of the Lola T93 that Nigel Mansell drove at the 93 Indy 500. This model had to be converted from a road course car to Speedway car. One of the main issues were the side pods leading edge shape needed correcting

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  10. acmiaz added a post in a topic Jagermeister Porsche 956   

    Super nice 962! Very clean.
  11. acmiaz added a post in a topic nissan skyline 2000 gt-R   

    Nice car looks like it's came right of the pages of Speedhunters which is cool.
  12. acmiaz added a post in a topic Ferrari 430 Scuderia   

    Really nice work. I like the gray one the best.
  13. acmiaz added a post in a topic Lotus 79   

    Thanks Joe, I will try that thanks for passing on the tip.
  14. acmiaz added a post in a topic Lotus 79   

    Thanks! The WCT versions are very detailed all of them come with removable body panels which exposes very detailed engine, transaxle and suspension. I only had to add ignition wires, braided hose, battery cable and a couple of cockpit knobs.
  15. acmiaz added a topic in Under Glass   

    Lotus 79
    This is a Tameo 1/43 Lotus 79 that represents the car Mario Andretti used to win the 78 F1 World Championship.

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