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  1. Beautiful model, Chris! I have a couple of these in the stash. I can only hope they turn out half as nice as yours!
  2. I used to have a small TV in my hobby room but found myself looking up at the TV way more than I wanted to. I got rid of it. Now it is a nice smaller stereo system and streaming Spotify.
  3. Wow, Dustin, that is just spectacular!
  4. Quite a number of years ago I was able to pick up this SoA from a vendor at NNL East. I walked past this beauty all day long and bought it as the vendor was packing up for the day. Forget what I paid but it wasn’t cheap. As a side note, the Stutz Black Hawk is mine too. My SoA has a small chip on the trailing edge of the tail. Interestingly you can see where the decals were located in my casting.
  5. That is absolutely beautiful! What a stunning model!
  6. I use this pencil. It works just fine. I use it mostly on PE for ships.
  7. Another great tutorial! Thanks for taking the time to share all of this!
  8. Wow! That is simple but soooo effective! I do believe I will be using this idea. Thank you so much for sharing this!
  9. This is just fantastic!! You just don’t see these models built. Yours is very cleanly built and those panel lines! Wow!
  10. I really like this one, Ray. Nice job! I also think the wheels look great.
  11. Thanks to you and your club members, James! It was a nice show. An overcrowded vendor area is almost always the case at both shows held at that venue. This year was much more comfortable, IMHO. I thought it was a great turnout, considering. As always there were some very nice models on the tables. You guys did a great job with the awards’ ceremony and the fact that you began tabulating the votes ahead of time was much appreciated. I’m looking forward to attending next year!
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