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  1. Dave, there is, or at least was, a resin model of the Corvette Summer car. I looked into it a few years ago and if I remember correctly it was around $100. Don’t quote me on that price but I remember it wasn’t cheap.
  2. I’m a big fan of AK Interactive Xtreme Metals.
  3. Very cool Audi! I’m not sure how I missed this one when you posted it. I only have one of these kits and I am going to do the white KFC livery. Your Audi looks sooooo good! Thanks for sharing it.
  4. Just to add my 2 cents on AK Interactive Xtreme Metals, they are very, very nice paints. I have had good results with all of them including their chrome. I have shot a good bit of Alclad as well EXCEPT for their chrome. I could never find it in stock when I was looking for it. Alclad probably stills holds the edge for metalizers.
  5. I think she is stunning! Very cleanly built! I really like the whole package. The color combo is so nice, the engine compartment looks good and the wheels and stance are spot on in my book. You really have done a super nice job on this one, bravo!
  6. Great looking model, Anders! Great color choice and so cleanly built!
  7. Great looking model and great photography!
  8. Love it!! These were the kits that I loved as a kid. It is great seeing them built up by adults who can do a nice job on them. Thanks for saving it and thanks for sharing it!
  9. This is just so doggone nice! I absolutely love the whole thing but those door numbers are fantastic!! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Very nice, Bruce! I have started this kit in the past and I know what you mean. You persevered and ended up with a great looking model!
  11. Beautiful Vette, Marcos! Absolutely stunning!
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