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  1. 9 hours ago, Scott8950 said:

    You are absolutely correct about the low count new people. What i did when i was new and started trading was always send my end first. I think thats the best way is always let the new people send their side of the trade first. From the things I've read it usually tends to be new people  that break deals. Hopefully he had an issue at home and is busy but it usually takes just a sec to respond. I hope this works out for the good.

    When I was a new member I always offered to send mine first and when they were satisfied they could ship their end of the deal. Being burned a few times I have become leery of trading with new members. I know most people are legit and good traders, but when you find that one who wants a free kit with shipping included, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. High on my want list is the Tyrone Malone set, the container trailer, the snow plow. Will get a Pinto because I had one back in the day and it looks like a pretty cool kit. For me personally, one of the best months  of releases from AMT, Round Two I've seen in quite awhile

  3. I know Revell stopped sending out replacement parts for awhile but I heard they started again. The decals in my FD 100 Foose truck disintegrated as soon as I tried to apply them Granted they are small, the engine decals. Went to Revell website to see what they say and it was not a pleasant experience. Granted, I'm not real good with computers so could be something I"m doing. Has anyone tried ordering parts lately and have they started sending them out again? As everyone said, this a very nice kit and I look forward to finishing it.

  4. On 12/21/2019 at 8:49 AM, mikemodeler said:

    I guess what irked me (not necessarily today but recently) is when a forum member negotiates a deal for something but then doesn't respond to PMs to complete the deal. I had a couple of interactions with this person before and should have known they would flake out, but you try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Needless to say, this person will be on my ever growing list of people to NOT do business with, regardless of what is involved, because of their inability to conduct themselves in an adult, business like manner.

    The shrinking number of people in this hobby that conduct business in a decent way makes it harder for me to participate in trades. I have done significantly less trading and dealing with people here this year and am at the point where I am better off selling or trading at shows instead of online.

    As I am on SS at $800.00 a month I don't have a large modeling budget. I have been burned a couple of times. With the loss of kits and postage and time it hurts. I always let the person who I am trading with when I will ship and have no problem with them waiting till I can ship. I always send a tracking number. Unfortunately, a few scammers on here, but most are stand up guys and will work with you to fix any problems.

  5. Saw this on some of the Facebook model groups. Post anything model related you got from either others or yourself. Nothing for me but I am saving up for the HL April clearance sale. Don't know why as I still have unopened kits from two or three years ago. I think I have a problem.

  6. Hi Vince, have a 53 kit that has been started. I think just missing a couple of small parts on top of the engine. I know body parts and seats are in there If interested I can do a quick inventory and try to send pics. Not interested in parting out but would trade for something else. Will be two weeks before I get paid again till I can ship. Let me know. Thanks, Terry.

  7. !989 Corvette Convertible. Dark blue with tan interior and top. Currently not driving it because of alarm issue and the tags expired. Bought it last January but about to sell it for something more practical. They are fun to drive but not good for hauling much but you know what. Computer crashed and ate all my pictures but posted it in what did you get back last January.

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