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    Multibrand Dealerships in 50s and 60s
    Google is failing me! I'm looking for info on new car dealerships in the 50s and 60s that sold more than one brand. I've seen old dealer ads showing Ford-Mercury, Chevrolet-Cadillac, Pontiac-Buick, even Chevy-Olds combinations which all show an understandable low-end-high-end financial choice.  Does anyone have memory (or photos) of dealers selling 3 or 4 brands at that time?  Any dealers that offered ALL of the GM makes?  Which new car dealer offered the largest variety of different brands in 1960?  Did any dealers mix several foreign and domestic makes?
    We take this kinda stuff for granted now, but back then "multi-national corporation" meant Coca-Cola.
    Thanks in advance,
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