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  1. Empyrium added a post in a topic Tijuana Taxi rescue   

    Hi Barbo

    That looks really nice.... The colors looks like the ones on my 1:18 die cast Tijuana Taxi. I gotta find this one too....
    Thanks for sharing.

    And to all of you guys: Thanks for the nice comments
  2. Empyrium added a post in a topic just finished this   

    That´s one tuff looking race car 8)
  3. Empyrium added a post in a topic My first Revell chopper - Crusader   

    Yep, not done at the time of the photoshoot...
  4. Empyrium added a topic in Under Glass   

    Tijuana Taxi rescue
    HI guys

    I´d like to show you some pics of my Tijuana Taxi rescue.
    It was bought off Ebay, and looked like this:

    I Started to take it apart, and this was the result

    It was a gluebomb....

    A TRUE gluebomb

    Lots of glue, broken, and missing pieces

    Here I started scratchbuilding the missing torpedo plate

    A lot of repair all over...

    Finally it was time for the first mock up...

    Here the body is painted, the engine repainted and the decals on...

    And the final result

    Scratchbuild items include torpedo plate, rear shocks, gear shifter, driveshaft, and LOTS of small bits and pieces...

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  5. Empyrium added a post in a topic Silver Streak......   

    That looks really REALLY good :shock:
  6. Empyrium added a post in a topic My first Revell chopper - Crusader   

    Thank you for the comment.

    Yes, that is the kit decals.
  7. Empyrium added a post in a topic Introduction   

    Ha ha... I´ve allready posted pics of a couple of models.....
  8. Empyrium added a topic in Under Glass   

    My first Revell chopper - Crusader
    Hi guys

    This is my first attempt on the Revell choppers. Its the Crusader, with the handlebars from the Aces high. The color is Motip automotive spray bombs, and the leather color is Humbrol brushpaint. Some of the pics were taken with the flash, some without, so they may differ a bit....

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  9. Empyrium added a topic in Under Glass   

    Basic hot rod
    Hi guys

    This is my first picture post.
    Its what I call a basic hot rod, not a rat rod. Its based on AMT´s ´29 roadster body, and a modified A la Cart roof. Wheels, tires, and engine is from the parts bof, injector stacks from AMT´s ´55 Chevy Nomad. The paint is Motip spraybombs, red with dullcote...

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  10. Empyrium added a topic in General   

    Hi guys

    I´m new to this forum, so I just want to make a quick introduction.
    My name is Kim Sondergaard, I´m 43 years old, and I live in Denmark. I have been building models for around 35 years, and I mostly build show rods, hot rods, customs, and choppers.
    I´m loking foreward to seing some nice builds in this forum
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