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  1. Thunderhead added a post in a topic 1982 Corvette   

    Whoa, these doors really are impressive. Good job dude.
  2. Thunderhead added a post in a topic Gamers?   

    I have a Xbox 360 with burnout paradise and midnight club los angeles. I gotta get Forza 4 or horizon and Driver San Francisco. My gamertag is SurimiMayo, feel free to add.
  3. Thunderhead added a post in a topic 2015 Chevelle Concept now Under Glass   

    Whoa, dude, this is one of the things I dreamed of for a good while... awesome and gorgeaous job!
  4. Thunderhead added a post in a topic 57 Chevy Getting Dirty -- Done 2-10   

    Whoa, this looks so freaking great. Can't wait to see it finished!
  5. Thunderhead added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Buick GSX 1970
    So, well, I've been working on that Buick for a while, and I'vejust got back my models and stuff, so I'm gonna get back to it!
    Since pictures are worth thousand words....

    It's my first ever model, I'll gladly take your comments and advices!

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  6. Thunderhead added a post in a topic Just 5 cars   

    1. Chevrolet chevelle SS 1970 Baldwin Motion
    2. Chevrolet Nomad 1955, cherry red and ivory white
    3. Chevrolet Impala coupé 1958
    4. Buick GSX 1970
    5. Chevrolet 3100 pick up with a 350 V8 and in it's original condition.
    (No, I don't like chevys, you liar.)

    And I actually own a Peugeot 103 MVL completely stock and in it's condition from 1980. (Now that's badass.)