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  1. Jurm added a post in a topic Brand new tool ....... no comments ????   

    I'm waitin for the Raminator to come out. Not a huge fan of 1:1 monsters, but I LOVE building em. I'm glad they chose a Dodge too, as there arent any tube frame Mopars currently available, only GM and Ford. DEF. on my "to get" list.
  2. Jurm added a post in a topic Paint probelms   

    Strip em in CSC (castrol super clean) or dot3 brake fluid. After they're stripped, clean, and ready to reshoot, dust on your first few coats. This should eliminate the paint building up and pulling away from your panel lines. HTH
  3. Jurm added a post in a topic A Few from the Noob....   

    Thanks again guys. Hey John....good to see you here. That turbo setup is pretty simple, really. I used the History Channel Porsche spools, and scratched everything else from solder. Headers, intake tubing, and exhaust. If you'd like some detail pics of it all, shoot me a PM and I'll get some for ya.
  4. Jurm added a post in a topic Any suggestions on how to replicate "weld bead" on   

    I've seen folks use thread dipped in CA glue. It's pretty convincing.
  5. Jurm added a topic in Model Club News and Announcements   

    Southeast MO area clubs?
    Just wondering if anyone knows of some clubs in the Cape Girardeau/Sikeston/Dexter areas of southeast Missouri...
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  6. Jurm added a post in a topic A Few from the Noob....   

    Thanks again guys! I really appreciate it. You're right Glen.....these AMT Chargers are junk. Something as simple as gettin the hood to line up requires some surgery. I guess I overlooked it on this one. Good call. Thanks Bob. Coming from you, the complimens mean a lot. It's nice to see you "out n about" again. How's life been treatin ya, sir? In regards to what else is on my shelves, there are SEVERAL pro street/touring builds, a few "ricers", a custom truck or 2, a 1:8 chopper I'm working on, 3 1:12 choppers to be built, and 2 Tamiya race bikes that need resurrected (had an encounter with the wife's cat....grrr...). Somewhere in a box, theres a black/white duece coupe that once made the journey all the way to Portland....LoL...remember that one?
  7. Jurm added a post in a topic A Few from the Noob....   

    Hey thanks guys! Much appreciated.
  8. Jurm added a topic in Under Glass   

    A Few from the Noob....
    I've been parusing the boards, and have to say...Yall have some excellent builds here. I guess I'll show a few of my builds, to better acquaint you with my build style and my skills. Feedback is welcomed/encouraged. Thanks for lookin, and feel free to browse the albums and check out my other builds I have there.

    First is my General Lee V2.0
    I used a Leftover Revell Charger chassis along with the AMT Charger 500 body. Paint is Sherwin Williams auto urethane mixed with a calibrated eyeball. Linn to the rest of the pics below.


    Up next is one of my all time favorite builds, a Revell 67 Chevelle G Machine. I used the 66 Velle wagon chassis/wheels, along with the kit engine, but with a twist...I robbed an AMT 67 Impala street machine kit of its intake setup, and scratchbuilt my first twin turbo setup, with a Porschee racecar (history channel kit) supplying the spools. This was the first car I'd ever hinged doors on, so the work there isn't that great. It looks good on the shelf though.


    For the last build, I'll show my tube chassis USA-1 monster that I built using a USA-1 body with a Bigfoot #10 chassis. I converted the engine over to a Chevy, and added misc. detailing items...linkages, lines, etc...all of which are made from various household items.

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  9. Jurm added a post in a topic Backhalf help?   

    I mean any type of "simple" mold, be it 2,3,4 piece, etc.
  10. Jurm added a post in a topic Backhalf help?   

    Hey Ryan! Nice to see a familiar face. LMK if ya find anything else on this subject...
  11. Jurm added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Backhalf help?
    I've recently gotten into casting, and must say I enjoy maknig parts nearly as much as I enjoy using them. I've pretty well mastered the simpler parts.....engines, wheels, tires, etc....but I'm having a bit of trouble. I'd like to cast a few backhalves for future projects, but absolutely can not figure out how to go about it. Trial and error is a bit too expensive-hence my question: Is there a particular way to go about making molds/casting a backhalf? Would anyone be willing to point me in the right direction? The part I want to make specifically is the tubs/rear chassis section of the AMT 66 Nova chassis. Any/all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  12. Jurm added a topic in General   

    New Member
    Hopefully this is in the right forum....forgive me if it's not. My name is Jurm, some of you may recognize me from other sites under the name "DroZ". I concentrate mostly on automotive subjects, with my favorites being pro street and pro touring. I'm not one to avoid the odd motorcycle kit here n there, and I've even got a nice stash of monster trucks I've built/am building. I don't do armour...though I dabbled a bit when I was a kid. Just never could find a good spot for a blower on a P-51...LoL By day I'm an auto refinish tech. That's my fancy way of saying "I paint cars". My interests include models, of course, 1:1 cars, gaming, and car audio. I currently have a 1:1 69 Fairlane fastback that I've had since I was 17. Slow process, but it's gettin there. Waiting in the bullpen is a 68 Fairlane 4 door that I'm gonna build as a nice lil cruiser to load up the wife n kid and make a run to the grocery store, etc. Well, I guess that's enough rambling. I look forward to sharing ideas/experience with yall.
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